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02. “Sirocco and the Kingdom of Winds”: Interview with Benoît Chieux

SynopsisJuliette (4 years old) and Carmen (8 years old), two intrepid sisters, discover a passage between their world and the […]

01. What to expect at FMX 2024

FMX 2024 will be held as a hybrid event from 23rd to 26th April 2024 on-site in Stuttgart, Germany, and […]

03. “Pesta”

(Status: In Development) SynopsisSet in Norway during the Black Death, Pesta tells a tragic love story between an unlikely couple: […]

02. “The Treasure of the Wyrm”

(Status: In Development) SynopsisIn a medieval world of frost, fog and famine, Anselmo, an old monk, once loved and now […]

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