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Our Picks

Here is our selection from the short films nominated for the Grand Competition at Animafest Zagreb 2021.

Affairs of the Art

[United Kingdom, Canada]
Director: Joanna Quinn
Script: Les Mills
Music: Benjamin Talbott of John Hardy Music
Production: Beryl Productions International and National Film Board of Canada
Running time: 16 min

Can You See Them

Director: Bruno Razum
Script: Bruno Razum
Music: Hrvoje Štefotić
Production: Ustanova Zagreb film
Running time: 10 min

Homeless Home

[France, Spain]
Director: Alberto Vázquez
Script: Alberto Vázquez
Music: Víctor García
Production: Autour de Minuit, Uniko
Running time: 15 min

Mad in Xpain

Director: Coke Riobóo
Script: Coke Riobóo
Music: Coke Riobóo and David Herrera
Production: Los animantes
Running time: 13 min


Director: Paul Mas
Script: Paul Mas
Music: Yann Lacan
Production: Je Suis Bien Content
Running time: 14 min

The girl who stood still

Director: Joana Toste
Script: Sara Monteiro
Music: João Lucas
Production: Sardinha em Lata
Running time: 09 min 03 s

The Raft

Director: Marko Meštrović
Script: Božidar Trkulja and Marko Meštrović
Music: Cinkuši
Production: Kreativni sindikat
Running time: 13 min 46 s

The Train Driver

Director: Zuniel Kim and Christian Wittmoser
Sound: Christian Wittmoser
Production: Raumkapsel Animation
Running time: 05 min 22 s