Editorial Board

Editorial Team


Hideki Nagaishi

After 15 years of service as an editor for publishing companies in Japan, Hideki moved to the UK and completed his MA Innovation Management at Central Saint Martins in London. His research focused on the development of innovative content by fusion of different cultures, and led research on crowdfunding for the University of Arts London. His passion is to facilitate international collaboration among animation creators to create quality animation. He watched over 100 animation titles every year during his high school years. He has been fascinated with animation since then.


Trayton Scott

Trayton’s passion for the animation and games industry started at a very early age, making his first animated film when he was 12. He obtained his Masters degree in Character Animation at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, after having previously studied Computer Science. He is using his experience of animation and software development for his personal research into the exciting future of consumer-grade virtual reality. Trayton is currently freelancing.


Mayumi Nagaishi

She started her publishing career with Benesse corporation, the largest educational publishing company in Japan. She has moved on to work in Springer and Oxford University Press as a publisher in total of more than 10 years. She has knowledge and a network in the publishing and creative industry. Her expertise is in cross-cultural communication. She enjoys working with people from different cultures.