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The Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS) announced “OnlineFestival.ITFS.de” from 5th to 10th May, 2020. ITFS decided to offer a digital festival experience to all the stay-at-homes in Stuttgart and around the world with the motto “Stay Animated – Go Online with ITFS” after they cancelled the ITFS 2020 due to the spread of COVID-19.

Programme of OnlineFestival.ITFS.de

It has three sections as listed below:

1. OnlineFestival Free
(Link to the programme)
Free Festival Streaming for All
[free of charge]

In this section, OnlineFestival.ITFS.de offers free live streaming in the same way as the large festival open-air area on Stuttgart Schlossplatz at the centre of ITFS every year. You also can watch a mix of moderated interviews, live panels, and short films each day. Highlights of the programme are:

1. The Festival opening on Tuesday evening (5th May).
2. The awarding of the various competition prizes on Sunday evening (10th May).
3. Certain parts of the Festival programme such as the curated Animated Music Video programme, which is complemented by editorial texts including comments and guest editorials.
4. The free GameZone:
Offering a selection of game options and related tips for children and adults as well as digital, educational games.
Presenting game academies and studios as well as the nominees for the Animated Games Award Germany 2020.
Workshops and lectures are available for live streaming.

2. OnlineFestival+
(Link to the programme)
On-Demand Streaming of Current Films in Competition
[Fee-based: a one-off €9.99 charge for access]

The section of OnlineFestival+ is the platform for all fans of animated films. What it offers you are:

1. A selection of films from the current Festival competitions: International Competition for short films, Young Animation, Tricks for Kids, Trickstar Nature (selected Tricks for Kids films are available along with media-educational material for children).
2. Feature films chosen from the AniMovie competition along with some of the best animated films from the past few ITFS editions (a total of more than 250 short and feature-length films).
3. Filmmakers provide viewers with insight into their work and further info on the films in video statements.

The short films include:
The Beauty directed by Pascal Schebli (Germany, 2019)
ACID RAIN directed by Tomek Popakul (Poland, 2019)
Maestro by Illogic Collectif (France, 2019)
Tales from the Multiverse directed by Magnus Møller, Mette Tange and Peter Smith (Denmark, 2019)
He Can’t Live Without Cosmos directed by Konstantin Bronzit (Russia, 2019)
Melting Heart Cake directed by Benoît Chieux (France, 2019)
Tobi and the Turbobus directed by Verena Fels (Germany, 2019)
Northern Lights directed by Caroline Attia (France, Switzerland, 2019)
POLARBARRY-LET’S BREAK THE ICE!!- VLOG#207 directed by Wouter Dijkstra (Netherlands, UK, 2019).

The feature films include:
A Costume for Nicolas directed by Eduardo Rivero (Mexico, 2019)
A story about a ten-year old boy with Down syndrome: Every year, his mother made him a costume for his birthday – until she died.
Zero Impunity directed by Nicolas Blies and Stéphane Hueber-Blies (France / Luxembourg, 2018)
An animated artistic documentary film that gives victims of war crimes, social workers and activists a voice – from Syria to Ukraine, the African continent and the USA.
Mary & Max directed by Adam Elliot (Australia, 2009)
A multi-awards-winning clay animation film by Adam Elliot, an Academy award-winning filmmaker.

3. OnlineFestival Pro
Insights, Master Classes, and Exclusive Access to the Animated Video Market
[Fee-based and for professionals only: a one-off €19.99 charge for access (includes access to OnlineFestival+)]

OnlineFestival Pro provides industry members and professionals with access to:

1. Master classes (including one held by Benjamin Renner)
2. Professional talks and links to the Animation Production Days (APD), Germany’s most important co-production and financing market for animation.
3. The opportunity to access the Animated Video Market and view the major part of films submitted to this year’s ITFS (around 1,900 films) for professionals (buyers, TV representatives, curators, etc.)

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