The awards winners of the The World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest Zagreb 2022.

The Grand Competition Short Film

Grand Prix
(Award for best short film of the festival)

The Garbage Man

Director: Laura Gonçalves

Golden Zagreb
(Award for creativity and innovative artistic achievement)


Director: Hugo Covarrubias

Zlatko Grgić
(Award for best first film production apart from educational institutions)

Letter to a pig

(France, Israel)
Director: Tal Kantor

Mr. M
(Audience Award)

The Garbage Man

Director: Laura Gonçalves

[Juries’ Special Mentions]

  • Impossible Figures and Other Stories I (Poland, Canada) directed by Marta Pajek
  • Thing (Germany) directed by Malte Stein
  • Swallow the Universe (France) directed by Nieto
  • Steakhouse (Slovenia, Germany, France) directed by Špela Čadež
  • Skinned (France) directed by Joachim Hérissé

Student Film Competition

Dušan Vukotić
(Award for best student film)

Butterfly Jam

(France, Taiwan)
Director: Shih-Yen Huang

[Juries’ Special Mentions]

  • Mom, What’s up with the Dog? (France) directed by Lola Lefevre
  • The Immoral (France) directed Ekin Koca

Croatian Film Competition

Best Croatian Film


Director: Vuk Jevremovic

[Juries’ Special mentions]

  • Letters from the Edge of the Forest (Croatia) directed by Jelena Oroz
  • Love in Times of Coal-Based Economy (Poland, Croatia) directed by Tomasz Siwiński

Films for Children Competition

Best film for Children


(South Korea)
Director: Miyoung Baek

[Juries’ Special mention]

  • Franzy’s Soup Kitchen (France, Georgia) directed by Ana Chubinidze

VR Animation Award

Best VR Animation


Director: Hsin-Chien Huang

[Juries’ Special Mention]

  • Marco & Polo Go Round (Canada, Belgium) directed by Benjamin Steiger Levine

The Grand Competition Feature Film

Grand Prix
(Award for best short film of the festival)

My Sunny Maad

(Czech Republic, France, Slovakia)
Director: Michaela Pavlátová

Mr. M
(Audience Award)

The Crossing

(France, Germany, Czech Republic)
Director: Florence Miailhe

[Juries’ Special Mentions]

  • Dozens of Norths (Japan, France) directed by Koji Yamamura
  • The Crossing (France, Germany, Czech Republic) directed by Florence Miailhe
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