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Cartoon Forum 2016: Presenting 80 new TV series projects

From 13th to 16th September 2016, Cartoon Forum will be held in Toulouse, France. Cartoon Forum was established in 1990 for the growth of the co-production and distribution of European animation for television and new media platforms. It has helped finance 680 animation series, over 2.3 billion euros since its start. About 850 sector professionals will have the opportunity to discover 480 hours of animated series content that have original stories and innovative visual material.

Projects selected from 22 countries

To date, 80 projects from 22 countries have been selected to be pitched at Cartoon Forum 2016.

By country:

France leads the selection with 26 projects, followed by the UK with 9 projects, and Ireland with 8 projects. A list of the selected countries expands to wider Europe: Belgium, Spain, Germany, Scandinavian countries, Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria and more.

Cartoon Forum 2016: Presenting 80 new TV series projects

This year, selected projects include one Canadian project Snowsnaps presented in Cartoon Connection Canada and three Korean projects Tori’s adventures, Slow Slow Sloth NEUL and Bellboy Luke from Cartoon Connection Asia.

By medium:

More than 50% of selected projects are in cross-media formats, such as mobile phones, video games, tablets or through the Internet, in addition to television.

By target audience:

53% of the projects are aimed at children 6-11 years old. Projects which target pre-school audiences (from 2-5 years old) represent one-fourth of the selected projects. Remaining 10% of the projects are aiming a new target audience, adults and young adults.

Emerging talents:

Three projects pitched at the Cartoon Springboard 2015, an event for young talents, were selected for the Cartoon Forum 2016: Planet Z, The Wind-Ups> and The Piracy of Princess Priceless.

Spotlights Ireland

This year, Cartoon Forum will spotlight one country for the first time. Ireland will be the first country to be highlighted. Irish animation including their eight selected projects this year will appear as a constant thread throughout Cartoon Forum such as presentations of Irish studios during Croissant Shows and the Irish Farewell Dinner & Party.

The Irish animation industry now accounts for one-third of the country’s audio-visual industry, and production activity is increasing every year. Irish animation studios are working with global broadcasting networks including Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and the BBC. Irish animation has been recently nominated for various prestigious international awards: Academy Awards, BAFTAs, Emmys, and Annies. Their growth is supported by the recent government initiatives such as the Irish tax incentive for film and television.

A public event “Les Toons débarquent!”

“Les Toons débarquent!” is a local initiative to promote cartoons. The 2016 edition will run from 9th to 17th September in Toulouse and in the Languedoc Roussillon Midi Pyrénées region from 13th September to 6th November.

Cartoon Forum 2016: Our picks

Organised outside of Cartoon Forum, there will be an opportunity for families and children to preview animated films in the presence of the director with a selection of short films made in the region. Open-air screenings throughout the week will also highlight the heroes of animated series originating in Toulouse and in the region, introducing different animation techniques.

We picked up 20 projects, which caught our attentions from the 80 selected projects that will be pitched at Cartoon Forum 2016.


Alice & Lewis

Finding Moo Friends

  • TV series – 26 x 11′
  • Producers: Paperivene Studio (Finland)/Hahn Film (Germany)
  • 2D Comupter/3D Computer/Drawing/Painting/Cross-media concept


Mouse Mansion

  • TV series – 52 x 7′
  • Producers: Zooper Film (Germany)/Rubinstein Pictures (Netherlands)/Grid Animation (Belgium)
  • 3D Computer/Cross-media concept

Mush-Mush and the Mushables

  • TV series – 52 x 11′
  • Producers: La Cabane Productions (France)/Thuristar (Belgium)
  • 3D Computer/Cross-media concept


Awesome Animals

  • TV series – 25 x 5′
  • Producer: Fettle Animation (United Kingdom)
  • 2D Computer/Drawing

Charly Vet

  • TV series – 52 x 13′
  • Producers: 1st-Day (Belgium)/OUFtivi – RTBF (Belgium)/VRT (Belgium)
  • 2D Comupter/Cross-media concept

Flea Unleashed!

Menino and the Children of the World

  • TV series – 52 x 7′
  • Producers: Folivari (France)/WINDS (France)/Cyber Group Studios (France)
  • 2D Comupter/Live action/Cross-media concept


  • TV series – 26 x 22′
  • Producer: Les Armateurs (France)
  • 2D Computer/3D Computer

The Bitkiz

  • TV series – 52 x 13′
  • Producer: Dandelooo (France)
  • 2D Comupter

Tori’s adventure

  • TV series – 52 x 11′
  • Producer: Tori Design (South Korea)
  • 2D Computer/Cross-media concept



  • TV series – 26 x 12′
  • Producer: Keg Kartoonz (Ireland)
  • 2D Computer


Space Probe Force

  • TV series – 24 x 7′
  • Producer: Woodblock (Germany)
  • 3D Computer/Cross-media concept

The Golden Apple

  • TV series – 24 x 24′
  • Producer: Studio Zmei (Bulgaria)
  • 2D Comupter/Cross-media concept

Toby Alone

  • TV series – 13 x 52′
  • Producer: Tant Mieux Prod (France)
  • 2D Computer/3D Computer


How I became Supervillain

  • TV series – 13 x 7′
  • Producer: Animoon (Poland)
  • 2D Computer

Love, passion and a Pontiac Bonneville

  • TV series – 26 x 13′
  • Producer: Pixies Cinema (France)
  • 3D Computer/Cross-media concept

The Mooneys

  • TV series – 6 x 25′
  • Producer: Salty Dog Pictures (Ireland)
  • 2D Computer/3D Computer/Drawing