1. CEE Animation Workshop 2022


CEE Animation Workshop 2022 is a year-long training programme for producers and their creative teams with animated projects of any format (shorts, TV, feature length, hybrid, XR) in development. They received applications from 19 countries and have selected 12 animated projects and 4 participants without a project to attend the programme. You can find them here.

The programme is tailored to the needs of the selected projects from their early stages to developing a production package*, for access to the global market. It consists of 4 one-week modules taking place in February (online), April (online), August (on-site residential module in Poland) and November (online).

Through the lectures of industry experts, moderated discussions, group work and individual consultations, participants will receive feedback and offers to their projects to make them a fully developed project ready to access the international market for financing.

*: A production package is a presentation portfolio of the project in development. Contains useful information on the production and content aspects for potential partners.


We have two questions below to CEE Animation Workshop on how to get more information of each project and contact the producers of them.

Animationweek: How can animation professionals not attending the workshops get more information on some selected projects?

CEE Animation Workshop: As these select animated projects are in the stage of development, the information they can share with you is limited. The filmmakers are still working on the character design, story, etc.

If there is anyone interested in knowing more about a certain project, we strongly encourage them to contact the creators themselves. The contact addresses of projects are in the project profile on our website. As the organizer, we can also help them to connect with the creators of each project.

Animationweek: What kinds of communication opportunities with the creators and producers of the selected 12 projects will CEE Animation Workshop 2022 prepare for animation professionals, who are looking for interesting projects but are not attending the workshop?

CEE Animation Workshop: There are three different levels of communication opportunities for professionals who do not attend the workshop.

The first is described in the previous question – the interested professionals are encouraged to contact the project teams directly by themselves or with our help.

Secondly – we will create networking possibilities with the participants of CEE Animation Workshop with access to various industry events, such as CEE Animation Forum 2022 in Liberec, Czech Republic and MIFA 2022 in Annecy, France.

And last but not least, at the last online module of CEE Animation Forum (November 2022) we will prepare with one-on-one meetings between the workshop participants and selected decision makers, such as producers, authors, broadcasters, film funds representatives and other animation industry professionals.

2. Our Picks

[Feature film]

New Rabbitland
Directors: Ana Nedeljković / Nikola Majdak Jr.
Producer: Jelena Mitrović (Film House Bas Celik, Serbia)   

[Short film]

The Splinter
Director: Bara Halirova
Scriptwriter: Vykintas Labaunauskas
Producer: Karolina Davidova (13ka, Czech Republic)

[TV special]

Pets and Others
Director and Scriptwriter: Justyna Osiecka
Producer: Paulina Zacharek (Momakin, Poland)

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