Cartoon Movie 2024 was held from 5th to 7th March at the Bordeaux Congress Centre in France with 886 animation professionals from 35 countries, including 264 buyers. 55 animated feature projects from 16 European countries were pitched.

The top 10 projects most attractive to investors

The 55 pitched projects showed great diversity in genres and graphical styles, portraying the richness of the European animated film industry. Below are the top 10 projects that attracted investors (with the ordering reflecting the percentage of buyers present in the pitching room), according to Cartoon:

1. Rosa & Dara and their Great Sum­mer Adventure
Bionaut (Czech Repub­lic) and Raketa (Slo­va­kia)

2. Roux­elle and the Pirates
La Boîte,…Productions (Bel­gium) and Nadasdy Film (Switzer­land)

3. Milo
Giant Animation (Ire­land)

4. Niko – Beyond the North­ern Lights
Animaker (Fin­land), Ulysses Filmproduktion (Ger­many), Moetion Films (Ire­land), and A. Film Production (Den­mark)

5. Mami Fatale and the Great Cookbook
Grupa Smacznego (Poland)

6. Balls
Naive (Swe­den)

6. Kaja the Great
Storm Films (Nor­way) and Beside Productions (Bel­gium)

8. Agent 203
Toon2Tango (Ger­many) and Mr. Miyagi Films (Spain)

9. Flamin­go Flamenco
Studio 100 Media (Ger­many) and 3Doubles (Spain)

10. Dom Fradique
Ocidental Filmes (Por­tu­gal) and Graffiti Film (Italy)

10. When Mum­bo Jum­bo Grew Giant
A. Film Production (Den­mark)

Cartoon Movie 2024 Statistics

1. Projects

There were 55 animated feature film projects from 16 European countries pitched at Cartoon Movie 2024.

2. Number of Projects by Country (Main Producers)

Germany5Czech Republic2Netherlands1

3. percentage of projects by target audience

Target Audiencepercentage
Young Adults / Adults18%

Cartoon Movie Tributes 2024

The Cartoon Movie Tributes 2024, prestigious awards for outstanding contribution to the development of European animation over the past year, were decided by the votes of participants.

The winners are:

Director of the year: Jérémie Périn for Mars Express (France)
Producer of the year: Animagrad (FILM.UA Group) (Ukraine) for Mavka. The Forest Song
Distributor of the year: Eurozoom (France)

Trailers for Pitched Projects

6th March AM
6th March PM
7th March AM
7th March PM
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