For the first time in its history, the 31st Cartoon Forum was held from 15th to 17th September 2020 as an online version due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, a lot of participants ranging from producers, investors, broadcasters, and buyers, to SVoD/VoD platforms, watched video pitches on a well-developed special website which Cartoon, the organizer of Cartoon Forum, prepared in a limited time after they decided to hold this year’s event online in the beginning of September.

Cartoon Forum 2020 Statistics

1. Projects Pitched

80 projects were pitched, which were selected by CARTOON from 27 countries, including companies outside of Europe who are international co-producers of some projects.

2. Number of Projects by Country

Poland5Czech Republic2Luxembourg1
United Kingdom4Switzerland2Romania1
United States of America4Argentina1Turkey1

3. Number of Projects by Target Audience

Target AudienceNumber
Young adults / Adults11

4. Number of Projects by Format

Running TimeNumber
Up to 7 minutes28
8 – 15 minutes27
16 – 26 minutes22
More than 26 minutes3

5. Number of Projects by Animation Technique

Animation TechniqueNumber
Drawing and 2D Animation53
3D Animation14
Combination of 2D and 3D9
Stop-Motion, Puppets, and Clay4

Trailers for Pitched Projects

Projects pitched on 15th Sep [1]
Projects pitched on 15th Sep [2]
Projects pitched on 16th Sep [1]
Projects pitched on 16th Sep [2]
Projects pitched on 17th Sep [1]
Projects pitched on 17th Sep [2]

The Top 10 Projects Most Attractive to Participants

The 80 pitched projects showed a great variety of genres and visual styles, portraying the richness of European animation series. The top 10 projects, which attracted the largest number of participants (until 5 pm on 17th September), are listed below:

The Upside Down River (Dandelooo, France)

Monster in My Pocket (Cyber Group Studios, France)

Gemma & the Defenders (Xilam Animation, France)

Tiny Island (TeamTO, France)

Hanna & Nana (JAM Media, Ireland)

Hey Fuzzy Yellow (Toon2Tango, Germany)

Goat Girl (Daily Madness Productions, Ireland)

Wonder Waï (Ellipsanime Productions, France)

Alex Player (Bee Prod, France)

Mouse Ketti (Radar, Luxembourg)

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