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06. “Dun­geons & Kittens”

SynopsisPrecious, Fib, Ruffles and Suds are four little kittens who live happily between the high walls of the Kingdom of […]

05. “Starpets”

SynopsisIntergalactic emperor, John LeDouche, is pretty pissed off. His mother, a fortune teller and gray eminence, prophesied that a Chosen […]

04. “Filip & Fairy”

SynopsisFilip only has one dream: to become the greatest hero ever! With the help of Fairy to assist him on […]

03. “Burr & Chestnut”

SynopsisIn the macroscopic universe of a forest, one bristly chestnut burr and one smooth chestnut set out on an epic […]

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