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Our Picks

Here is our selection of 8 films from the short films nominated for the Grand Competition at Animafest Zagreb 2022.


Director: Hugo Covarrubias
Screenplay: Martín Erazo and Hugo Covarrubias
Music: Ángela Acuña and Camilo Salinas
Production: Trebol 3 Producciones
Running time:  15 min 54 s


Director: Zalesky’s (Sławek Zalewski)
Screenplay: Sławek Zalewski
Music: Tomek Hernik
Production: Media Design
Running time: 12 min 54 s 

Impossible Figures and other stories I

[Poland, Canada]
Director: Marta Pajek
Screenplay: Marta Pajek
Music: Aleksandra Gryka
Production: Animoon, National Film Board of Canada
Running time: 16 min 10 s 

Letter to a Pig

[France, Israel]
Director: Tal Kantor
Screenplay: Tal Kantor
Music: Pierre Oberkampf
Production: Miyu Productions, The Hive Studio
Running time: 16 min 47 s

Terra Incognita

[France, Denmark]
Directors: Adrian Dexter and Pernille Kjaer
Production: Ikki Films
Running time: 21 min

The Garbage Man

Director: Laura Gonçalves
Screenplay: Laura Gonçalves
Music: Ricardo Santos Rocha
Production: Bando à Parte
Running time: 11 min 50 s

The Night Watch

[France, Belgium]
Director: Julien Regnard
Screenplay: Julien Regnard
Music: Ali Helnwein
Production: Autour de Minuit
Running time: 12 min

Where the Winds Die

Director: Pejman Alipour
Screenplay: Pejman Alipour
Music: Pejman Khalili
Production: DEFC (Documentary & Experimental Film Center)
Running time: 12 min 54 s