(Last update: 6th March)

FMX 2020, originally scheduled for 5th to 8th of May in Stuttgart, Germany, has cancelled this year’s conference due to the continuing global spread of the Coronavirus. The 25th anniversary edition of FMX is planning to be held from 4th to 7th of May, 2021, in Stuttgart.

The 25th FMX conference will be held from 5th to 8th May, 2020 in Stuttgart, Germany. Here, Animationweek will be updating the overview of FMX 2020 to assist your preparation for the conference.

The Highlights:

With its central theme, “Imagine Tomorrow”, FMX will discuss the following topics: growing from idea to IP, crossing the uncanny valley, joining physical and virtual production, fusing artificial and artistic intelligence, creating new ways of distribution, and experiencing the cinema of the future, as well as showcases of the latest tools and techniques that are breaking through the limits of what can be brought to life on screen.

FMX 2020 has programmes focusing on women in the VFX and animation community.
– Women in Animation (WIA) will present a three-part programme from their Women in Animation World Summit series.
– Stefanie Larson, Cluster Manager of the Animation Media Cluster Region Stuttgart (AMCRS), will host a panel presenting the perspective of women in the industry.


FMX will invite speakers to share their visions of tomorrow, highlighting clear-cut paths and far-out concepts for the future of media & entertainment. Here are some notable speakers:

1) Phil Davies (Producer of one of the globally popular animation titles Peppa Pig)
2) Sergio Pablos (Director of the Netflix film Klaus)
3) Joe van den Heuvel (Software Engineer at Valve, one of the most famous video game companies. He focuses on advancing the state of real-time animation.)
4) Regina Pessoa (Multi award-winning short animation film director)
5) Jinko Gotoh (Producer of blockbuster animated features such as The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, The Little Prince and Finding Nemo, as well as Netflix films Klaus and Escape from Hat)

Programme Overview:

FMX 2020 will consist of 5 main programmes with the subcategories listed below:

1. Conference
– Animation
– Visual Effects
– Games- Art
– Technology
– Business
2. Immersive Media
– Imagine Tomorrow
– Expanded Realities
– Location-Based Entertainment
– Storytelling
3. Education
– The Quest for Young Talent
– Animation Schools Exchange
– Masterclasses
– School Campus
– FMX Junior Day
– Animationsinstitut
4. Forum
– Company Suites
– Workshops
– Marketplace
– Recruiting
5. Events & Screenings
– Events: Get-Together / Parties
– Screenings: FMX Screenings / Movie Screenings

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