Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Annecy International Animation Film Festival and its Market (Mifa) 2020 will be held as an online version for the first time from 15th to 30th June 2020, keeping the variety of programmes and covering the latest trends in animation from around the world. You will be able to dive into the hotspot of global animation culture and animation professionals by logging in to the new and well-organized online platform for the festival and market. You can check out the following programme highlights of Annecy 2020 Online.

List of animated features

This year, the official competition of animated features has two categories: “Feature Films in Competition L’officielle” and “Feature Films Contrechamp in Competition”.

Feature Films in Competition L’officielle

7 Days War (Directed by Yuta Murano) [Japan]
Bigfoot Family (Directed by Ben Stassen, Jérémie Degruson) [Belgium, France]
Calamity, a Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary (Directed by Rémi Chayé) [France, Denmark]
Ginger’s Tale (Directed by Konstantin Shchekin) [Russia]
Jungle Beat: The Movie (Directed by Brent Dawes) [Mauritius]
Kill It and Leave this Town (Directed by Mariusz Wilczynski) [Poland]
Lupin III The First (Directed by Takashi Yamazaki) [Japan]
Nahuel and the Magic Book (Directed by Germán Acuña) [Chile, Brazil]
Little Vampire (Directed by Joann Sfar) [France]
The Nose or the Conspiracy of Mavericks (Directed by Andrey Khrzhanovsky) [Russia]

Feature Films Contrechamp in Competition

Accidental Luxuriance of the Translucent Watery Rebus (Directed by Dalibor Baric) [Croatia]
Beauty Water (Directed by Kyung-hun Cho) [South Korea]
Lava (Directed by Ayar Blasco) [Argentina]
My Favorite War (Directed by Ilze Burkovska Jacobsen) [Latvia, Norway]
Old Man – The Movie (Directed by Mikk Mägi, Oskar Lehemaa) [Estonia]
On-Gaku: Our Sound (Directed by Kenji Iwaisawa) [Japan]
The Knight and the Princess (Directed by Bashir El Deek, Ibrahim Mousa) [Saudi Arabia, Egypt]
The Legend of Hei (Directed by Ping Zhang) [China]
The Shaman Sorceress (Directed by Jaehuun Ahn) [South Korea]
True North (Directed by Eiji Han Shimizu) [Japan, Indonesia]

Short Films in Competition L’officielle

  • 10 000 Ugly Inkblots (Directed by: Dmitry GELLER) [China, Russia]
  • A Mind Sang (Directed by: Vier NEV) [Portugal]
  • Altötting (Directed by: Andreas HYKADE) [Germany, Canada, Portugal]
  • Arka (Directed by: Natko STIPANICEV) [Croatia]
  • Average Happiness (Directed by: Maja GEHRIG) [Switzerland]
  • Bela (Directed by: Nick SIMPSON) [Australia]
  • Beyond Noh (Directed by: Patrick SMITH and Kaori ISHIDA) [USA]
  • Flesh (Directed by: Camila KATER) [Brazil, Spain]
  • Carrousel (Directed by: Jasmine ELSEN) [Belgium, Czech Republic]
  • The Passerby (Directed by: Pieter COUDYZER) [Belgium]
  • Empty Places (Directed by: Geoffroy DE CRÉCY) [France]
  • The Zillas Have a Picnic (Directed by: Christian Franz SCHMIDT) [Germany]
  • Freeze Frame (Directed by: Soetkin VERSTEGEN) [Belgium]
  • Friend of a Friend (Directed by: Zachary ZEZIMA) [France]
  • Genius Loci (Directed by: Adrien MERIGEAU) [France]
  • Ghosts (Directed by: Jee-Youn PARK) [South Korea]
  • Urban Goat (Directed by: Svetlana RAZGULIAEVA) [Russia]
  • Homeless Home (Directed by: Alberto VAZQUEZ RICO) [France, Spain]
  • Hot Flash (Directed by: Thea HOLLATZ) [Canada]
  • Yes-People (Directed by: Gisli D HALLDORSSON) [Iceland]
  • Cosmonaut (Directed by: Kaspar JANCIS) [Estonia]
  • Lursaguak (Directed by: Izibene OÑEDERRA) [Spain]
  • Machini (Directed by: Frank MUKUNDAY and Trésor TSHIBANGU) [Congo, Belgium]
  • I, Barnabé (Directed by: Jean-François LÉVESQUE) [Canada]
  • Murder in the Cathedral (Directed by: Matija PISACIC and Tvrtko RASPOLIC) [Croatia, Serbia]
  • My Galactic Twin Galaction (Directed by: Aleksandr SVIRSKII) [Russia]
  • Something to Remember (Directed by: Niki LINDROTH VON BAHR) [Sweden]
  • No, I Don’t Want to Dance! (Directed by: Andrea VINCIGUERRA) [Italy, United Kingdom]
  • The Physics of Sorrow (Directed by: Theodore USHEV) [Canada]
  • Purpleboy (Directed by: Alexandre SIQUEIRA) [Belgium, France, Portugal]
  • Rebooted (Directed by: Michael SHANKS) [Australia]
  • The Shoreline (Directed by: Sophie RACINE) [France]
  • Happiness (Directed by: Andrey ZHIDKOV) [Russia]
  • The Town (Directed by: Yifan BAO) [China]
  • Time o´ the Signs (Directed by: Reinhold BIDNER) [Austria]
  • To: Gerard (Directed by: Taylor MEACHAM) [USA]
  • Yo (Directed by: Begoña AROSTEGUI) [Spain]

TV Films in Competition

  • Bluey “Escape” (Directed by: Joe BRUMM and Richard JEFFERY) [Australia]
  • Close Enough “100% No Stress Day” (Directed by: JG QUINTEL) [USA]
  • Brazen “Leymah Gbowee” (Directed by: Phuong Mai NGUYEN and Charlotte CAMBON) [France]
  • JJ Villard’s Fairy Tales “Boypunzel” (Directed by: J.J. VILLARD) [USA]
  • Fail in Love (Directed by: Romain BLANC-TAILLEUR and Cécile ROUSSET) [France]
  • L’Odyssée de Choum (Directed by: Julien BISARO) [Belgium, France]
  • Le Quatuor à cornes : là-haut sur la montagne (Directed by: Benjamin BOTELLA and Arnaud DEMUYNCK) [France, Belgium]
  • Les espionnes racontent “Yola” (Directed by: Aurélie POLLET) [France]
  • Love, Death & Robots “The Witness” (Directed by: Alberto MIELGO) [USA]
  • Hungry Bear Tales “Truffles” (Directed by: Katerina KARHANKOVA and Alexandra MÁJOVÁ) [Czech Republic]
  • My Better World (Directed by: Chris MORGAN, Michael CLARK and Johannes SCHEEPERS) [South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania]
  • No-No Shrinks (Directed by: Wassim BOUTALEB JOUTEI) [France]
  • Robot Chicken’s Santa’s Dead (Spoiler Alert) Holiday Murder Thing Special (Directed by: Tom SHEPPARD) [USA]
  • Summer Camp Island “Midnight Quittance” (Directed by: Julia POTT) [USA]
  • Taffy “DNA” (Directed by: Ahmed GUERROUACHE) [France]
  • The Adventures of Paddington “Paddington and the Magic Trick” (Directed by: Adam SHAW and Chris DREW) [United Kingdom]
  • The Midnight Gospel “Mouse of Silver” (Directed by: Pendleton WARD and Mike L. MAYFIELD) [USA]
  • The Snail and the Whale (Directed by: Daniel SNADDON and Max LANG) [United Kingdom]
  • The Tiger Who Came to Tea (Directed by: Robin SHAW) [United Kingdom]
  • Undone “The Hospital” (Directed by: Hisko HULSING) [USA]


  • Connected (Directed by: Mike Rianda, Jeff Rowe) [USA]
  • Dislokacije [07 min 45 s] (Directed by Veljko Popovic, Milivoj Popovic) [Croatia, France]
  • Even Mice Belong in Heaven [01 h 20 min] (Directed by Denisa Grimmová, Jan Bubenicek) [Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, France]
  • La Calesita [08 min 16 s] (Directed by: Augusto Schillaci) [USA, Canada]
  • Vanille [31 min] (Directed by Guillaume Lorin) [France, Switzerland]
  • Yakari [01 h 18 min] (Directed by: Xavier Giacometti, Toby Genkel) [France, Germany, Belgium]


  • Cartoon Network Studios: The Art of Storyboarding (Mic GRAVES, Julia POTT, Alabaster PIZZO and Chuck KLEIN)
  • Sexual Violence in Animation by the Blies Brothers (Stéphane HUEBER-BLIES and Nicolas BLIES)
  • A Conversation Between Henry Selick and Bruno Coulais (Henry SELICK and Bruno COULAIS)
  • A Conversation with Dean DeBlois (Dean DEBLOIS)
  • Ron Clements and John Musker: On Animation, Carreers and Industy (John MUSKER, Ron CLEMENTS and Frank GLADSTONE)

Making of

  • Animal Crackers (Directed by: Tony BANCROFT and Scott Christian SAVA) [USA]
  • Chicken Run (Directed by: Nick PARK and Peter LORD) [United Kingdom]
  • Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2 (Directed by: Jennifer LEE and Chris BUCK) [USA]
  • Moominvalley (Directed by: Steve BOX) [Finland, United Kingdom]

Work in Progress

WIP Features

  • The Island (Directed by: Anca DAMIAN) [Romania, France, Belgium]
  • No Dogs or Italians Allowed (Directed by: Alain UGHETTO) [France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland]
  • Inu-Oh (Directed by: Masaaki YUASA) [Japan, China]
  • Lamya’s Poem (Directed by: Alex KRONEMER) [USA, Canada]
  • The Summit of the Gods (Directed by: Patrick IMBERT) [France, Luxembourg]
  • Len and the Song of the Whales (Directed by: Joan Manuel MILLÁN TORRES and Manuel Alejandro VICTORIA) [Colombia, Argentina]
  • The Swallows of Kabul (Directed by: Zabou BREITMAN and Éléa GOBBÉ-MEVELLEC) [France, Luxembourg, Switzerland]
  • My Love Affair with Marriage (Directed by: Signe BAUMANE) [Latvia, USA]
  • New Gods: Nezha Reborn (Directed by: Ji ZHAO) [China]
  • Sirocco and the Kingdom of the Winds (Directed by: Benoît CHIEUX) [France]
  • Wolfwalkers (Directed by: Tomm MOORE, Ross STEWART) [Ireland, Luxembourg]


  • Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal (Directed by: Genndy TARTAKOVSKY) [USA, France]
  • Mum Is Pouring Rain (Directed by: Hugo DE FAUCOMPRET) [France]
  • The Cuphead Show! (Directed by: Dave WASSON and Cosmo SEGURSON) [USA, Canada, Ireland]


  • Baba Yaga (Directed by: Eric DARNELL and Mathias CHELEBOURG) [USA]
  • The Hangman at Home (Directed by: Michelle KRANOT and Uri KRANOT) [Denmark, France, Canada]

Mifa Pitches

Feature Films Mifa Pitches

  • Saba (Directed by: Alexis DUCORD and Benjamin MASSOUBRE) [France]
  • Eugène (Directed by: Anaïs CAURA) [France]
  • The Grand Night (Directed by: Ahmed GAMAL and Ahmed TEILAB) [Egypt]
  • Climate Refugees / Climate Exodus (Directed by: David BAUTE) [Spain]
  • Journey to Teulada (Directed by: Nicola CONTINI) [France, Italy]
  • Coda (Directed by: Juan Pablo ZARAMELLA) [Argentina, Chile]

Short Films Mifa Pitches

  • Grey Sun (Directed by: Camille MONNIER) [France]
  • The World`s After (Directed by: Florentina GONZALEZ) [Argentina]
  • Girl . Dog . Cancer . Space (Directed by: Kiana NAGHSHINEH) [Germany]
  • Bigger than Us (Directed by: Aurélie GARNIER) [France]
  • 300 000 kms Per Second (Directed by: Clément COURCIER) [France]
  • Hello Summer (Directed by: Martin SMATANA) [Czech Republic]
  • 27 – My Last Day at Home (Directed by: Flóra BUDA) [Hungary, France]

TV Series & Specials Mifa Pitches

  • Paradise Town (Directed by: Felix MASSIE) [United Kingdom]
  • Mehdi: Delivery Notice (Directed by: Oussama BOUACHERIA) [France]
  • Normal Town (Directed by: Bambú ORELLANA) [Chile]
  • Meek (Directed by: Isabelle LENOBLE) [France]
  • I Want to Know! (Directed by: Martin SMATANA) [Slovakia]
  • Boys Boys Boys (Directed by: Valentine VENDROUX and Clawdia PROLONGEAU) [France]
  • 38th Parallel: Hidden Voices from North Korea (Directed by: Andy GLYNNE) [United Kingdom]
  • Where it Falls (Directed by: Guillaume DOUSSE) [Denmark]
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