The CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) Animation Forum is a leading pitching, financing and co-production event in the European animation industry. It aims to boost not only the selected projects’ access to a wider European market but also their international potential and visibility. The winners of the main pitching competition will receive various prizes in the total amount of €15,000 in cash, free scholarships, or direct access to prestigious European events. The CEE Animation Forum 2021 will be held online as with last year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

PITCHING & B2B DAYS (26th – 29th April): CEE Animation Forum will showcase 45 selected animation projects in development, which are in six categories: Short films, Feature films, TV Series and Specials, XR, Rising Stars, and Out of Competition. The majority of teams of the selected projects are coming from Central and Eastern Europe: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia, Latvia and Ukraine. The pitching teams and other attending professionals (international producers, creatives, sales, distributors, financiers, broadcasters, service providers, festival representatives, etc.) will have the opportunity of 1:1 meetings during the event.

INDUSTRY DAYS (4th – 6th May): CEE Animation Forum will explore current topics of the European animation industry, such as regional funding and VOD platforms for animation. They will also screen some films and present case studies with the respective authors.

You can find the details of the event here.

Our Picks

We picked up 9 projects from all the selected projects for the event that caught our attention:

Short films

Director: Szandra Pataki
Producer: Krisztina Endrényi
Target audience: 12+
Technique: Stop-motion
Production: Mythberg Films Kft (Hungary)
Looking for: co-producer, financing, sales agents, postproduction, festivals

Director: Wojciech Sobczyk
Producers: Aneta Zagórska and Robert Sowa
Target audience: Adults
Technique: 2D
Production: Krakow Film Klaster – Animation Center (Poland)
Looking for: co-producer, financing, sales agents, festivals

Electra. A Poem
Director: Daria Kashcheeva
Producers: Zuzana Křivková and Martin Vandas
Target audience: adults
Technique: Stop-motion
Production: MAUR film (Czech Republic) and FAMU (Czech Republic)
Looking for: postproduction, festivals

Hello Summer
Director and Producer: Martin Smatana
Director: Veronika Zacharova
Target audience: Children 6-9
Technique: Stop motion, 2D hand drawn
Production: Studio Bororo (Slovakia)
Looking for: financing, sales agents, festivals

Feature film

Directors: Dimitri Planchon and Jean-Paul Guigue
Producer: Alexandre Gavras
Target audience: Young adults / Adults
Technique: 3D digital
Production: KG Productions (France)
Looking for: co-producer, financing, sales agents

TV Series and Specials

Anselmo Wannabe
Director: Massimo Ottoni
Producer: Federico Turani
Target audience: Children 8-12
Technique: 2D
Production: IBRIDO (Italy)
Looking for:  co-producer, financing, broadcaster

Director and Producer: Géza M. Tóthgeza
Target audience: Family
Technique: Stop-motion
Production: KEDD Animation Studio (Hungary)
Looking for: financing, pre-sale deals with broadcasters

Rising Stars

Beyond the Face
Director: Anja Resman
Producer: Boštjan Potokar
Target audience: Children 10+
Technique: Stop-motion
Production: University of Nova Gorica School of Arts
Looking for: co-producer, financing, sales agents, postproduction, festivals

The Last Drop
Director: Anna Tőkés
Producer: József Fülöp
Target audience: Young adults
Technique: 2D
Production: MOME Anim
Looking for: co-producer, financing, postproduction, festivals

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