Cartoon Movie 2021 was held from 9th to 11th March as an online version and 55 video pitches were presented to over 850 professionals from 479 companies, including 307 buyers.

The Top 10 Projects Most Attractive to Participants

The 55 pitched projects showed great diversity in genres and graphical styles, portraying the richness of the European animated film industry. The top 10 projects, which attracted the largest number of participants announced by Cartoon, are below:

1. Sheba
Maybe Movies (France)

2. Séraphine
Little Big Story (France)

3. Cut and Run
Blue Spirit Productions (France)

4. Ninn
TeamTO (France)

4. Copperbeak
Ideacinema (Italy)

5. Shadows
Autour de Minuit (France)

6. Arco
Remembers (France)

7. Marie-Louise, My Little Princess
Pictak (France)

8. Tsitili
Les Films du Poisson Rouge (France)

8. Golem
Hausboot (Czech Republic)

9. Red Jungle
Dolce Vita Films (France)

10. Valentina
Abano Producións (Spain)

10. Granny Samurai – the Monkey King and I
Dreamin Dolphin Film (Germany)

Cartoon Movie 2021 Statistics

1. Projects

The selected 55 animated feature film projects from 22 countries were pitched.

2. Number of projects by country (including co-production)

Norway3Canada1United Kingdom1
Czech Republic2China1

3. Number of projects by target audience

Target AudienceNumber
Young adults / Adults15

Trailers for pitched projects

The Eurimages Co-production Development Award

Following Cartoon Movie 2020, the Council of Europe’s Eurimages Fund gave The Eurimages Co-production Development Award to one of the ten pre-selected projects for promoting Eurimages’ role in encouraging international animated co-production from the initial stages of a project. This award gives the winner a cash prize of €20,000, which is to be used by the producers to cover the development expenses of the animation project.

Winner: The project Shadows produced by Autour de Minuit (France) in cooperation with Panique! (Belgium) and Schmuby (France), and directed by Nadia Micault.

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