The awards winners of the The World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest Zagreb 2023.

The Grand Competition Short Film

Grand Prix

(Award for best short film of the festival)

Director: Varya Yakovleva

Golden Zagreb

(Award for creativity and innovative artistic achievement)

Zlatko Grgić

(Award for the best first film made outside an educational institution)

Mr. M

(Audience Award)


(France, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Belgium)
Director: Joseph Pierce

A Kind of Testament

Director: Stephen Vuillemin 

Ice Merchants

(Portugal, France, United Kingdom)
Director: João Gonzalez

[Juries’ Special Mentions]

  • Compound eyes of tropical (Taiwan) directed by Zhang Xu Zhan
  • Mariupol. a hundred nights (Ukraine, Germany) directed by Sofiia Melnyk
  • The world’s after (France) directed by Florentina Gonzalez
  • The garden of heart (Hungary, Slovakia) directed by Olivér Hegyi
  • Our pain (Japan) directed by Shunsaku Hayashi

The Grand Competition Feature Film

Grand Prix

(Award for best short film of the festival)

Mr. M

(Audience Award)

My love affair with marriage

(Latvia, United States, Luxembourg)
Director: Signe Baumane

Unicorn wars

(Spain, France)
Director: Alberto Vázquez

[Juries’ Special Mentions]

  • White Plastic Sky (Hungary, Slovakia) directed by Tibor Bánóczki and Sarolta Szabó

Student Film Competition

Dušan Vukotić
(Award for best student film)

Croatian Film Competition

Best Croatian Film

Above the clouds

Director: Vivien Hárshegyi

[Juries’ Special Mentions]

  • Sewing love (Japan) directed by Xu Yuan
  • Fur (United States) directed Zhen Li


(Estonia, Croatia)
Directors: Lucija Mrzljak and Morten Tšinakov

[Juries’ Special mentions]

  • Her dress for the final (Croatia) directed by Martina Meštrović

Films for Children Competition

Best film for Children

VR Animation Award

Best VR Animation

Socks for the star

Director: Olga Titova

[Juries’ Special mention]

  • Let’s roll (France) directed by Camille Flinois, Philip Gonçalves, Yann Laurent, Louis Lukasik, Chloé Musa, Annabelle Tamic, and Alexandre Terrier

All unsaved progress will be lost

Director: Mélanie Courtinat

[Juries’ Special Mention]

  • From the main square (Germany) directed by Pedro Harres
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