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The 29th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS) is scheduled to be held as a hybrid animation film festival, both on-site at various venues with a rich programme online at “OnlineFestival.ITFS.de” and in “ITFS VR Hub”, a virtual world, from 3rd to 8th May. With this year’s motto “Black is Back!”, the fundamentals of animation – reduction, simplification, and clarity, but also exaggeration and over-drawing – will be the focus of ITFS 2022.

ITFS 2022 says that they will celebrate animation and games, which are the central art forms of the 21st century and combine technological innovation with social emancipation, entertainment with avant-garde, thus reaching all generations. The festival will feature them in screenings, exhibitions, talks, master classes, lectures, hackathons, live streams, VR events and live animated performances.

Types of festival tickets for ITFS 2022

The festival prepares different types of tickets listed below:

For the public:

  • Festival Pass ONSITE
  • Short Film Pass ONLINE+
  • Feature Film ONLINE+

You can find the details on the three types of passes and purchase them here.

For the industry:

  • Accreditation Professionals HYBRID
  • Accreditation Professionals ONLINE PRO
  • ITFS & FMX Combi Ticket

You can find the details on the two types of accreditation and purchase them here.

Programme Highlights

1. Focus Programme

Focus on Austria: A special programme focusing on Austria. Selected artists, studios and institutes of higher education from the Alpine republic that is known for animation with experimentation, innovation, and dark humour will present their work throughout ITFS 2022.

Wonder Women – Women in Games & Animation: ITFS 2022 follows up from the previous year on the special-focus programme, curated by Waltraud Grausgruber, to present new and historic positions of female creators and their contributions in animation and games, based on the “Women in Animation” programme of ITFS 1996 curated by Jayne Pilling.

In Persona: Internationally renowned and artistically outstanding animators give personal insights into their work and their working methods. Scheduled guests for the series so far are Daniel Höpfner (Berlin), Jochen Kuhn (Ludwigsburg), Registra Pessoa (Porto), Jean-Charles Mbotti Malolo (Lyon) and Thomas Renoldner (Vienna).

Studio Presentations: coming soon

School Presentations: coming soon

2. Film Programme


  • International Competition – International Short Film Competition
  • Young Animation – International Student Film Competition
  • Tricks for Kids – International competition for animated short films for children
  • AniMovie – International Feature Film Competition
  • Trickstar Nature Award – Competition for animated short films on the topics of climate protection, biodiversity, the environment and sustainability
  • Trickstar Business Award – Prize for innovative and ground-breaking business models for a project or company in the animation sector
  • Animated Games Award Germany – Award for an animation-based computer game with the best visual design and aesthetics from Germany
  • German Animation Screenplay Award – Award for the best screenplay for a German feature-length animated film.
  • Animation competition Crazy Horse Session – 48 H Animation Jam – International teams’ challenge of creating an animated film involving Festival mascot “Trixi” in 48 hours.

3. GameZone

Exhibition and Presentations: The games nominated for the Animated Games Award Germany and a selection of exciting games degree programmes will be presented.

GameZone Kids (Workshops for Kids & Teens): Children and teenagers can discover and experience the world of games suitable for children together with friends, parents, and relatives in the GameZone Kids.

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