The biggest market and press junket of French cinema and audiovisual works

The 25th annual Unifrance Rendez-Vous in Paris was held from 10th to 17th January 2023. It is the largest promotional event for the latest French films and audiovisual works, where international buyers and media representatives have attended.

Cinema and audiovisual markets

The Cinema market and audiovisual market both took place from 11th to 13th January at the Hôtel du Collectionneur by gathering more than 400 international film buyers from about 40 countries and 41 French sales companies. The 81 market screenings (including some 43 market premieres) were held during the program. 

International press junket

Unifrance, the organization in charge of promoting and exporting French cinema and French audiovisual programming around the world, held an “International press junket” from 14th to 17th January as a part of the event. During the program, media representatives from around the world have met the French artists of the 11 selected French audiovisual contents (French fiction series, animation series, TV documentaries) listed below, for international broadcast in 2023. 

[Fiction series]

  • Bright Minds (FTD) 
  • Bardot (Federation) 
  • I killed my husband  (HAGO) 
  • Pacific Criminal (Film & Picture) 
  • Paris Police 1905 (StudioCanal) 

[Animation series] 

  • Behind the beats (TeamTO) 
  • Jade Armor (TeamTO) 
  • 50/50 Heroes (Cyber Group Studios) 
  • Tara Duncan (Princess Sam Pictures) 


  • Philae, the last temples of ancient Egypt (ina) 
  • Nicole Kidman, Eyes wide open (Arte) 

We will publish the interview articles for 4 select French animation series in this issue soon. 

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