A bull-calf made of straw, the first Ukrainian cartoon character, was revived for the 90th anniversary of Ukrainian animation.

In honor of International Animation Day, twenty animators from different parts of Ukraine recreated the first character of Ukrainian animation, a bull-calf made of straw from a well-known folk tale, as part of ”90 years of Ukrainian animation” initiative. The newly created character gives an idea how the original character, which was lost in history, would have looked like in the original form through the eyes of contemporary artists.

The history of Ukrainian animation started with the cartoon about the straw bull-calf, and this year marks 90 years since it came on screen. The video, created as part of “90 years of Ukrainian animation” initiative, is dedicated to this event.

Celebrating the anniversary of Ukrainian animation over the course of this year, the initiative is holding retrospectives and publishes interesting materials on the history of Ukrainian animation on its page.

The video clip was created by: Andrew AJ (Kyiv), Svitlana Dakhina (Kharkiv), Borys Denysevych (Kyiv), Oleksandr Dya (Kyiv), Roman Dzvonkovskyi (Lviv), Mariia Fediuk (Bohorodchany), Konstantin Fedorov (Kyiv),  Yurii Gergel (Rivne), Andrew Gurniak (Lviv), Oles Iusypchuk (Kosiv), Mykola Kovtun (Kyiv), Yana Ku (Kyiv), Taras Pidhirniak (Radyvyliv), Oleksii Pshenychniuk (Zhytomyr), Stas Santimov (Dnipro), Nikita Savenko (Kyiv), Igor Shurpan (Zhytomyr), Leonid Tyvoniuk (Lutsk), Tania Yasinchuk (Chortkiv), Yuriy Zhuravel (Rivne). Ukrainian text read by Oleksa Melnyk. English text read by Dimitry Rasskazov, Omikron studio. Music by Vladislav Muzychenko. Film editor — Mariia Fediuk.

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