The European Animation Awards announced the Emile Awards categories, which would honor excellence in the field of European animation. The first Emile Awards edition will reward 16 categories, including animated feature and short, character design, student film, soundtrack, as well as an achievement award.

Emile Awards Categories

1. Best Student Film
2. Best Commissioned Film
3. Best Animated Short Film
4. Best Background and Character design in a short film production
5. Best TV/Broadcast Production (Director)
6. Best Background and character design in a TV/Broadcast Production
7. Best Character Animation in a TV/Broadcast Production
8. Best Writing in a TV/Broadcast Production
9. Best Storyboard in a TV/Broadcast Production
10. Best Soundtrack in a TV/Broadcast Production
11. Best TV/Feature Film (Director)
12. Best Background and Character design in a Feature Production
13. Best Character Animation in a Feature Production
14. Best Writing in a Feature Production
15. Best Storyboard in a Feature Production
16. Best Soundtrack in a Feature Production

The European Animation Awards Association says that they honor and refer to two French animation creators for the name of the awards: Émile Reynaud (1844-1918), the creator of the first cartoons, who presented his pantomimes lumineuses on October 28, 1892 (the date that has since been chosen as World Animation Day) and Émile Cohl (1857-1938), who is considered to be the first director in animation and created more than 300 films by using all kinds of animation techniques.

The Awards will take place the Friday 8th December 2017 at le Nouveau Siècle in Lille.

You can check a message from EAA President Peter Lord (Aardman) from the video linked below.

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