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Cartoon Movie 2019, organized by CARTOON (from 5th to 7th March), ended successfully at Palais des Congrès in Bordeaux, France. This year’s Cartoon Movie gathered about 900 participants from 40 different countries. 250 buyers, including 137 distributors and sales agents, got together for the professional pitch forum, which has lead the European animated film industry.

The top 10 projects most attractive to investors

The 66 pitched projects showed a great diversity of genres and graphical styles, portraying the richness of the European animated film industry. The top 10 projects, which attracted the largest number of investors, are below.

1. The Ballad of YaYa
Producer: Blue Spirit Productions (France)

2. Where is Anne Frank?
Producers: Purple Whale Films (Belgium) / Walking The Dog (Belgium) / Samsa Film (Luxembourg) / Doghouse Films (Luxembourg) / Bridgit Folman Film Gang (Israel) / Submarine (Netherlands) / Le Pacte (France)

3. Musketeers of The Tsar
Producer: Est-Ouest Films (France) / Walking The Dog (Belgium) / Kinoatis (Russia)

4. The Secret of Birds
Producers: Folimage (France) / Nadasdy Film (Switzerland)

5. Benjamin Bat
Producers: The Storytellers Film & TV (Netherlands) / il Luster (Netherlands)

6. The 14th Santa
Producers: Caoz (Iceland) / Glassriver (Iceland)

7. Dino Mite
Producer: M.A.R.K.13 (Germany) / TRIKK17 – Animationsraum (Germany)

8. Henrietta – The Moovie
Producers: WunderWerk (Germany) / A. Film Production (Denmark) / Fabrique d’Images (Luxembourg)

9. My Grandfather Used to Say He Saw Demons
Producers: Sardinha em Lata (Portugal) / Submarine (Netherlands) / Basque Films (Spain)

10. Terra Willy
Producers: TAT productions (France)] / BAC Films (France) / Logical Pictures (France) / France 3 Cinéma (France) / Master Films (France)

Cartoon Movie Tributes 2019

The Cartoon Movie Tributes 2019, one of the most prestigious prizes for outstanding contribution to the development of European animation over the past year, were decided by the votes of participants.

The winners are:

Director of the Year: Salvador Simófor (Spain) for Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles

Sales Agent of the Year: Sola Media(Germany)

Producers of the Year: Submarine (Netherlands) for (co)-producing 6 animated films today: Coppelia, Fox & Hare save the Forest, Where is Anne Frank?, Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles, My Grandfather Used to Say He Saw Demons and In the Forest.

The Eurimages Co-production Development Award

The Council of Europe’s Eurimages Fund has joined forces with Cartoon Movie 2019 in order to award “The Eurimages Co-production Development Award”, the same as last year, to promote Eurimages’ role in encouraging international animated co-production from the initial stages of a project. This award gives the winner a cash prize of €20,000, which must be used by the producers to cover the development expenses of the animation project.

The winner is: The project Of Unwanted Things and People by David Súkup, Ivana Laučíková, Leon Vidmar & Agata Gorządek and co-produced by Maur film (Czech Republic), Artichoke (Slovakia), ZVVIKS (Slovenia) and WJTeam/Likaon (Poland).

Cartoon Movie Tributes 2019

The Eurimages Co-production Development Award 2019

Cartoon Movie 2019 Statistics

1. Projects

The selected 66 projects of animated feature films from 18 countries were pitched.

2. Number of projects by country

France 22 Denmark 2 Norway 1
Germany 8 Latvia 2 Portugal 1
Netherlands 6 Romania 2
Ireland 4 Canada 1
Spain 3 Czech Republic 1
Belgium 3 Estonia 1
Italy 3 Iceland 1
United Kingdom 3 Luxembourg 1

3. Number of projects by status

Completed films (sneak previews) 7
Films in production 7
Projects in development 24
Projects in concept 28

4. Number of projects by target audience

Young adults/adults 13
Family 44
Children 8
Pre-school 1

Spotlight on the Netherlands

Cartoon Movie 2019 put the spotlight on Netherlands and Dutch animation, as 9 projects (including co-productions) appeared as a constant thread throughout Cartoon Movie 2019. The spotlight on the Netherlands was supported by the Netherlands Film Fund, Creative Industries Fund NL, Animation Producers Netherlands, CFAP and AVROTROS.

Trailers for pitched projects