The 31st Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film gathered animation lovers from around the world with a diverse programme, including film screenings, talks, workshops and exhibitions from 23rd to 28th April. The winners of the various competitions are below:

Award Winners

International Competition

[Grand Prix]

State of Baden-Württemberg and the City of Stuttgart Grand Award for Animated Film

– winner –

France, Hungary 2023
Director: Flóra Anna Buda
Production: Miyu Productions and Boddah

– special mention –

Mariupol. A Hundred Nights
Ukraine 2023
Director: Sofiia Melnyk
Production: Gogol Fest

[Lotte Reiniger Promotion Award For Animated Film]

Award for the best graduation film

– winner –

Germany 2023
Director: Jonatan Schwenk
Production: Jiayan Chen
School: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

– special mention –

Germany 2024
Director: Carolina Cruz
School: Film University Konrad Wolf

[The ITFS Audience Award]

– winner –

Mee and Burd
United Kingdom 2023
Director: Greg McLeod

Student Competition

[Award for the best student film]

– winner –

It’s just a whole
Germany 2023
Director: Bianca Scali
School: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

– special mention –

Oliver the Giant
Hungary 2023
Director: Júlia Lantos
School: Budapest Metropolitan University

Feature Film


Award for the best animated feature-length film

– winner –

Sirocco and the Kingdom of the Winds
France, Belgium 2022
Director: Benoît Chieux
Main Producer: Sacrebleu Productions (France)
Co-Producers: Ciel de Paris (France) and Take Five (Belgium)

– special mention –

Lonely Castle in the Mirror
Japan 2022
Director: Keiichi Hara
Production: A-1 Pictures

[TrickStar Nature Award]

Award for the best international animated short film that deals with the topics of climate protection, biodiversity, environment, and sustainability

– winner –

On the 8th Day
France 2023
Directors: Théo Duhautois, Agathe Sénéchal, Alicia Massez, Elise Debruyne, and Flavie Carin
School: Pôle 3D

Children’s film

[Tricks For Kids]

Award for the best children’s animated film

– winner –

France 2023
Directors: Alexandra Delaunay-Fernandez, Julie Majcher, Marine Benabdallah-Crolais, Noémie Segalowicz, Scott Pardaillhe-Galabrun, and Sixtine Emerat
School: Supinfocom Rubika

– special mention –

The Story of Bodri
Sweden 2022
Director: Stina Wirsén
Producer: Peter Krupenin

[Tricks for Kids Audience Award]

– winner –

The Mystery of Missing Socks
Estonia 2023
Oscar Lehemaa

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