Since the beginning, we had the vision to bring the most valuable in-depth knowledge of the production of high-quality animated films and series to the world.

Despite Animationweek being an online-only medium, its origins lies in my experience as a professional editor for publishing companies for more than 15 years. We’ve been striving ever since to bring those standards into the rest of the world, standing by our commitment in serving the global animation community.

Starting now, we’ve transitioned to an issue-based online magazine with a new domain, This new change will allow us to bring you more special issues with in-depth and focused articles to give you more insight and knowledge of this ever-changing, growing and exciting industry.

Additionally, we will stay with our commitment in delivering the highest quality stories from interviews with some of the great animation professionals for you to stay on top of the industry.

Thank you for your support over the years, and we hope that our new changes further our mission in bringing you the best of the global animation industry.

Hideki Nagaishi (Editor-in-Chief, Animationweek)

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