On 9th September, the 28th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS), which is planning to take place from 4th to 9th May 2021, announced that from now on, animated films completed after 1st October 2019 can be submitted for the main competitions of the festival.

ITFS offers filmmakers, directors, production and distribution companies a professional platform to present their films to a broad and interested audience as well as to industry representatives. The prize money with a total of almost 70,000 Euros is awarded in the various competitions.

Films can now be submitted to the following competition categories:

  • International Competition International Short Film Competition
  • Young Animation International Student Film Competition
  • Tricks for Kids International competition for animated short films for children
  • Trickstar Nature Award Competition for animated short films that deal with the issues of climate protection, biodiversity, environment and sustainability in a critical and informative, and also entertaining and humorous way.
  • AniMovie International Feature Film Competition

You can submit through the submission platform here. The festival regulations is here. The submission deadline of  all categories above is 1st December 2020.

Calling for entries at a later date:

  • Trickstar Business Award – Prize for innovative business models in the animation field (Call for entries: November 2020 / Closing date: 1st March 2021)
  • German Animation Screenplay Award – Award for the best screenplay for a German animated feature-length film (Call for entries: October 2020 / Closing date: 1st February 2021)
  • Animated Games Award Germany – Award for an animation-based computer game with the best visual design and aesthetics from Germany (Call for entries: December 2020 / Closing date: 1st February 2021)
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