1. Introduction

From 19th to 22nd September 2022, the 33rd Cartoon Forum will be held in Toulouse, France. Cartoon Forum has been the core event for the growth of co-production and distribution of European animation for television and new media platforms since 1990. It has helped finance 921 animation projects, funding over 3.9 billion EUR since its inception.

Projects Selected from 19 Countries

80 projects from 19 countries (where the main producers are located) have been selected for pitching at Cartoon Forum 2022 from 137 submissions. France leads the selection with 37 projects, followed by Spain with 8 projects, Germany and Ireland with 6 projects each, and Italy with 5 projects. Furthermore, 2 projects pitched at the Cartoon Springboard, an event for young talents, were selected for Cartoon Forum 2022: My Super­hero Hus­band by Addart Pro­duc­tions (Greece) and ​Best Friends For­ev­er… Strand­ed! by Peek­a­boo Ani­ma­tion (Spain).

2. Our Picks

We picked 12 projects that caught our attention from the 80 selected projects that will be pitched at Cartoon Forum 2022:


Lemon and Berry
TV series – 52 x 3’30′

Target ages: 5 – 6 year old
Producers: Likaon (Poland) / GS Animation (Poland)
Technique: Puppets / Stop-motion

TV series – 52 x 7′

Target ages: 2 – 4 year old
Producer: Sub­ma­rine (Nether­lands)
Technique: 2D digital


TV series – 52 x 7′

Target ages: 6 – 9 year old
Producer: Folimage (France)
Technique: 2D digital

TV series – 26 x 22′

Target ages: 6 – 9 year old
Producer: Superprod (France)
Technique: 3D digital

Graine and Princess Bilboquet
TV series – 6 x 26′

Target ages: 6 – 9 year old
Producer: Tchack (France)
Technique: 2D digital / Cut-out

Leo’s workshop
TV series – 26 x 13′

Target ages: 6 – 9 year old
Producers: Foliascope (France) / Curiosity Studio (Ireland) / Aerial Contrivance Workshop (United States)
Technique: 2D digital / Stop-motion

Shepherdess Warriors
TV series – 13 x 30′

Target ages: 9 – 11 year old
Producers: Vivement Lundi ! (France) / L’Incroyable Studio (France)
Technique: 2D digital / Painting

The Song of the Storms
TV special – 26′

Target ages: 6 – 9 year old
Producer: Sacre­bleu Productions (France)
Technique: 2D digital


TV series – 13 x 11′

Producers: TV ON Producciones (Spain) / Typpo Creative Lab (Chile)
Technique: 2D digital

Young Adults / Adults

Fucking Cat
TV series – 13 x 11′

Producer: Autour de Minuit Productions (France)
Technique: 2D digital

TV series – 6 x 13′

Producer: Aparte Film (Roma­nia)
Technique: 2D digital / 3D digital

The Hall of Fail
TV series – 20 x 4′

Producers: Ikki Films (France) / Dad­bod (France)
Technique: 2D digital

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