This is a special issue on NFB (The National Film Board of Canada), one of the leading animation producers in the global animation industry. Many great animated short films were produced by NFB, found at a variety of international film festivals across the world, showing us their forward-thinking and versatile understanding of animation as a visual storytelling format. 

Through this special issue we deliver to you insightful words from key people behind NFB’s recent bright achievements. We believe that this issue will help you understand the meaning and value of NFB for you and the global animation industry.

01. NFB: Exploring its rich history and innovative spirit of animation (interview with Marc St-Pierre)

This is a special interview with Marc St-Pierre, the collection curator of the National Film Board of Canada. We heard about the bright journey of the […]

02. NFB: The journey of an international co-production (interview with Marc Bertrand)

NFB has been doing international co-production of animated short films along with producing internationally-released Canadian animated short films. In this article, we explore the journey […]

03. International co-production with NFB: “Affairs of the Art” (Interview with Joanna Quinn)

NFB has been producing and co-producing outstanding films one after another throughout its long history. In this special issue, we reveal the precious stories behind […]

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