The selected projects for Cartoon Movie 2019, which will take place in Bordeaux, France from 5th to 7th March 2019, were announced. More than 900 producers, creators, investors, distributors and sales agents of animated feature films, video games, and new media from all of Europe are expected to attend Cartoon Movie 2019. Cartoon Movie facilitates the creation of long-lasting partnerships and co-productions, allowing the funding of animated feature films, which started in 1999 with the support of the MEDIA Programme of the European Union.

Projects selected

66 projects from 25 countries have been selected to be pitched at Cartoon Movie 2019.

Number of projects by status

  • In concept: 28 projects
  • In development: 24 projects
  • In production: 7 projects
  • Sneak preview: 7 projects

Number of projects by target audience

  • Preschool: 1 projects
  • Children: 8 projects
  • Family: 44 projects
  • Young adults/adults: 13 projects

From Cartoon Connection and Cartoon Springboard

Two projects from Cartoon Connection Canada and Cartoon Springboard will be presented at Cartoon Movie 2019.

– From Cartoon Connection Canada: The Odd Ones (Bardel – Canada)
– From Cartoon Springboard: Sisterhood of the Glade (Studio Pupil – Netherlands)

The Spotlight

Cartoon Movie will be putting the spotlight on the Netherlands. The Spotlight on the Netherlands is supported by the Netherlands Film Fund, Creative Industries Funds NL, Animation Producers Netherlands, CFAP and AVROTROS.

You can see Dutch animation at the pitches of nine selected projects (including 3 in co-production) listed below throughout Cartoon Movie 2019:

  • Benjamin Bat (The Storytellers Film & TV) – in development
  • Miss Moxy (Bosbros) – in development
  • Pat & Mat: The Film (Lemming Film) – in development
  • In the Forest (Submarine) – in concept
  • Sisterhood of the Meadow (Studio Pupil) – in concept
  • The King and the Thief (il Luster) – in concept
  • Where is Anne Frank (Submarine) – in production
  • My Grandfather Used to Say He Saw Demons (Submarine) – in development
  • Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles (Submarine) – sneak preview

Our picks

We have a list of our pick of projects that caught our attention (projects we’ve already introduced, as well as projects that have a sneak preview, are not included in this list).

For children

Linda wants Chicken

Tales of the Hedgehog

For families

Fritzi – A Revolutionary Tale

Of Unwanted Things and People


  • Producers: Prélude (France) / Helium Films (Switzerland)
  • Stop-motion

Stitch Head

The Secret of Birds

For young adults/adults

Mars Express

  • Producer: Everybody on Deck (France)
  • 2D Computer / 3D Computer

No Dogs or Italians allowed

The Walking Liberty

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