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05. “Flow”: Interview with Gints Zilbalodis

SynopsisThe world seems to be coming to an end, teeming with the vestiges of a human presence. Cat is a […]

04. “Into the Wonderwoods”: Interview with Vincent Paronnaud, Alexis Ducord, and Marc Jous­set

Synopsis10-year-old Angelo dreams of being an adventurer and explorer. Until one day, in the car with his family on their […]

05. “The Little Run”

(Status: In Development) The Lit­tle RunDirectors: Julien Bis­aroScriptwriter: Julien Bis­aro and Claire Pao­let­tiGraphic Author: Julien Bis­aroProducer: Claire Pao­let­ti (Picolo Pictures, […]

03. “Living Large”: Interview with Kristina Dufková

Synopsis12-year-old Ben has just hit puberty and suddenly his weight’s a problem – for him and for everyone else. The […]

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00. The Award Winners


01. OUR PICKS (Short Films)

02. ITFS 2024: Winners

01. Our Picks (Short films)

01. Cartoon Movie 2024 at a Glance


01. Cartoon Forum 2023 at a Glance

00. Cartoon Forum 2023: Our Picks

09. Animation Production Days 2023: Our Picks

00. The Award Winners

03. The Award Winners


03. ITFS 2023: Winners

02. Our Picks (Short films)

01. Cartoon Movie 2023 at a Glance

00. Cartoon Movie 2023: Presenting 58 Film Projects

00. The 25th Unifrance Rendez-vous in Paris 

01. Cartoon Forum 2022 at a Glance

00. Cartoon Forum 2022: Our Picks

03. The Award Winners

00. The Award Winners

02. Our Picks

01. Programme Highlights of Animafest Zagreb 2022

04. ITFS 2022: Winners

03. Our Picks (Short films)

01. FMX 2022: Program highlights with a focus on animation

01. Cartoon Movie 2022 at a Glance

01. News on ITFS 2022

CEE Animation Workshop 2022: Our picks

00. Cartoon Movie 2022: Presenting 57 Film Projects

Our picks of European animation events now calling for entries

01. Cartoon Forum 2021 at a Glance

00. Cartoon Forum 2021: Presenting 84 Original TV Animation Projects

04. The Award Winners

03. Our Picks

03. The Award Winners

02. Our Picks (Films and Projects)

01. Right before Annecy and MIFA 2021: Highlights

03. ITFS 2021: Our Picks

02. ITFS 2021: Winners

03. CEE Animation Forum 2021: Winners

01. News on World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest Zagreb 2021

01. News on ITFS 2021

05. FMX 2021: Program highlights with a focus on animation

08. Animation Production Days 2021: Our Picks

02. CEE Animation Forum 2021: Our Picks

01. Cartoon Movie 2021 at a glance

00. Cartoon Movie 2021: Presenting 55 Film projects

07. APD 2021 is Ready to Welcome your Project

Cartoon 360 Online

Cartoon Springboard 2020

02. CEE Animation Forum 2020

03. The Award Winners

OIAF 2020 Winners

01. Cartoon Forum 2020 at a Glance

ITFS 2021 Now Open for Submissions

00. Cartoon Forum 2020: Presenting 85 original TV animation projects

00. News on World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest Zagreb 2020

03. The Award Winners

02. Our 10 picks: Short Films in Competition L’officielle

01. Right before Annecy 2020 Online: Highlights

02. ITFS 2020: The Award Winners


00. News on ITFS 2020

News on FMX 2020



The award winners of Kaboom Animation Festival 2019

What to expect at the new “Kaboom Animation Festival”

The growing international sales of French animation

00. Cartoon Forum 2019: Presenting 85 original TV animation projects

03. The Award Winners

02. Right before Annecy 2019 vol.2: Highlights

01. Right before Annecy 2019 vol.1: list of animated features

05. ITFS 2019: The Award Winners

03. Animation Production Days 2019: Our Picks

CEE Animation Forum 2019: Our Picks

01. Cartoon Movie 2019 at a glance

00. Cartoon Movie 2019: Presenting 66 Film projects

Highlights of Czech Animation for the year of 2018/2019

00: Introduction

Call for Fantasmagorie 2019 [with our special offer]

Meet the new Animationweek

The winners (The Emile Awards 2018)

13th Animation Production Day – Projects Can Now Be Submitted

Open call for CEE Animation Forum 2019

Nominees for the Emile Awards 2018

02. Cartoon Forum 2018 at a glance

01. Cartoon Forum 2018: Presenting 86 new TV series projects

03. Warner Bros. Presents: A Look Ahead

04. [Cartoon 360] Cartoon 360 at a glance

02. The Award Winners

01. Right before Annecy 2018 : special programs not to miss

03. The Award Winners

03. Cartoon Movie 2018 at a glance

Animation Production Day 2018: 48 selected projects

01. The 20th edition of Cartoon Movie

Animation Production Day 2018 – Projects Submissions Open

01. [The first Emile Awards] The winners

The Ibero-American Animation Quirino Awards open the call for entries

Nominees for the Emile Awards 2017

The 10th anniversary of the XIAF in China

The 90th anniversary of Ukrainian animation

CGMS 2017 in Manchester

“Agi Bagi”- Polish series present on Asian market!

02. Cartoon Forum 2017 at a glance

ANIMATON IS FILM: an annual animation film festival in Los Angeles

01. Cartoon Forum 2017: Presenting 83 new TV series projects

02. The Award Winners

04. Québec City

Emile Awards Categories are announced

01. News – preparation for Annecy 2017 –

02. Toronto

01. Flourishing Canada

01. Cartoon Movie 2017 at a glance

02. Cartoon Forum 2016 at a glance

01. Cartoon Forum 2016: Presenting 80 new TV series projects

02. The Award winners

01. News – preparation for Annecy 2016 –

02. Cartoon Movie 2016 at a glance

Interview Archive

feature films

05. “Flow”: Interview with Gints Zilbalodis

04. “Into the Wonderwoods”: Interview with Vincent Paronnaud, Alexis Ducord, and Marc Jous­set

03. “Living Large”: Interview with Kristina Dufková

03. “Sirocco and the Kingdom of Winds”: Interview with Benoît Chieux

07. “Kensuke’s Kingdom”: Interview with Neil Boyle and Kirk Hendry

06. “Mars Express”: Interview with Jérémie Périn and Laurent Sarfati

05. “White Plastic Sky”: Interview with Tibor Bánóczki and Sarolta Szabó

04. “Nina and The Hedgehog’s Secret”: Interview with Alain Gagnol

02. “Spellbound”(Apple Original Film): Interview with Vicky Jenson and Brian Pimental

01. “Chicken for Linda!”: Interview with Chiara Malta and Sébastien Laudenbach

04. “Four Souls of Coyote”

05. “Home is Somewhere Else”

04. “No Dogs or Italians Allowed”

03. “Nayola”

02. “The Island”

01. “Little Nicholas – Happy as Can Be”

03. “Ron’s Gone Wrong”: Interview with Matt Waters, CG Supervisor at DNEG Animation

02. “The Summit of the Gods”: Interview with Patrick Imbert, Didier Brunner, Damien Brunner and Thibaut Ruby

07. “Absolute Denial”: Interview with Ryan Braund

06. “The Deer King”: Interview with Director Masashi Ando

05. “My Sunny Maad”: Interview with Michaela Pavlátová

04. “Lamya’s Poem”: Interview with Alex Kronemer

07. “On-Gaku: Our Sound”

05. “Ginger’s Tale”: the story behind a fantasy tale of traditional 2D animation

06. “Children of the Sea”: A film of wonder fueled by passionate creators

03. Zero Impunity: Using visual media to bring awareness to the unseen reality of sexual violence.

05. “Missing Link”: special long interview with Chris Butler (writer/director)

07. Ville Neuve: interview with Félix Dufour-Laperrière

07. “Playmobil: The Movie”: interview with director Lino DiSalvo

03: “Penguin Highway”: Interview with Director Hiroyasu Ishida

02. “Pachamama”: Interview with the director Juan Antin

01. “The Tower”

05. “Marnie’s World”: a film by active German twin directors

04. “Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires”; under its skin with Mike Mort

06. “Early Man”: Interview with David Sproxton

05. “Isle of Dogs”: Behind the Production with Angela Poschet

01. My Life as a Courgette: interview with Claude Barras and Elie Chapuis

05. “Mutafukaz”, the French-Japanese co-produced animated feature

09. “The Boss Baby”

04. Featured Film: Long Way North

06. “Kubo and the Two Strings”

04. “Ice Age: Collision Course”

short films

05. “The Miracle”

04. “In the Shadow of the Cypress”

03. International co-production with NFB: “Affairs of the Art” (Interview with Joanna Quinn)

06. “Koniunkcja”

05. “A Kind of Testament”

04. “Eeva”

05. “Roped”

04. “Island”

05. “Letter to a Pig”

04. “The Night Watch”

06. “Voyage avec mon père”

05. “Your Bad Animals”

01. The “Impossible Figures and Other Stories” Trilogy: Interview with Director Marta Pajek

06. “Can You See Them?”: Interview with Bruno Razum

05. “The Girl Who Stood Still”: Interview with Joana Toste

09. “A Splash in a Mud”: Interview with Emmanuelle Gorgiard

08. “Tulip”: Interview with Phoebe Wahl and Andrea Love

04. “Mild Madness, Lasting Lunacy”: Interview with Marine Laclotte

05. “Way of Sylvie”

04. “SH_T Happens”: interview with Michaela Mihályi and David Štumpf

06. “Freeze Frame”

04. “Arka”

05. “Mother Didn’t Know”

04. “Traces”

03. “Acid Rain”: interview with Tomek Popakul

02. “The Kite”: interview with Martin Smatana

01. “Daughter”: interview with Daria Kashcheeva

03. Interview with Glen Keane: behind the story of his masterpieces



From Cartoon Movie

05. “The Little Run”

04. “Into the Wonderwoods”

03. “Pesta”

02. “The Treasure of the Wyrm”

06. “Julián”

05. “Isis and Osiris”

03. “Merry Christmas Monsieur Hulot”

02. “Back to Tomioka”

05. “Diplodocus”

04. “Tony, Shelly and the Spirit”

03. “Sidi Kaba and the Gateway Home”

02. “Melvile”


05. “A Door to the Woods”

04. “Sorya”

03. “The Character of Rain”

02. “Séraphine”

07. “The Last Whale Singer”

06. “Sirocco and the Kingdom of the Winds”

05. “Best Birthday Ever”

04. “The Island”

03. “Molesworth”

05. “Mars Express”

04. “The Ballad of YaYa”

03. “No Dogs or Italians Allowed”

02. “Marona’s Fantastic Tale”

08. “The Bears’ Famous Invasion of Sicily”

07. “The Extraordinary Voyage of Marona”

06. “Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles”: Interview with Salvador Simó

05. “Dragonkeeper”: Interview with Manuel Cristóbal

04. “Unicorn Wars”: Interview with Alberto Vazquez

04. “Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles”

03. “Wolfwalkers”

02. “Kensuke’s Kingdom”

09. “Another Day of Life”

10. “Moustique, Cigale & Cambriole”

07. “Waiting for the Butterflies”

08. “Spirit Seeker”

05. “Minna and the Dream Builders”

06. “Domenica”

04. “Lone”

03. “Heart of Darkness”

From Cartoon Forum

06. “Dun­geons & Kittens”

05. “Starpets”

04. “Filip & Fairy”

03. “Burr & Chestnut”

02. “Happily Never After”

05. “Mogu & Perol”

04. “The Song of the Storms”

03. “Mar­cel, Father Christ­mas (and the Lit­tle Piz­za Deliv­ery Boy)”

02. “Karma”

06. “The Chimera Keepers”

05. “Mister Crocodile”

04. “Acorn Elves”

03. “Tales of Terror”

02. “The Seniors”

06. “Super-Lucha”

05. “Pop Paper City”

04. “Masked Cinderella”

03. “Belzebubs”

02. “The Drifting Guitar”

07. “Ewilan’s Quest”

06. “Le Collège Noir”

05. “We Are Family”

04. “The Hearios”

03. “Critters TV”

02. “Barney the Piglet”

07. “Fluffy Four”

06. “Tiny Bad Wolf”

05. “JAX”

03. CAKE: a natural partner for family entertainment

04. “The Borrowers”

06. “Sol & Liv”

05. “Shooom’s Odyssey”

03. “Stinky Dog”

04. “Mister Paper”

16. “Mironins”

15. “Love, Passion and A Pontiac Bonneville”

14. “The Mooneys”

13. “How I became a Supervillain”

12. “Flea Unleashed!”

11. “The Bitkiz”

07. “Runes”

10. “The Three Little Superpigs”

08. “Vanille”

09. “Mush-Mush & the Mushables”

05. “Candide”

06. “The Sea Wolf”

04. “Finding Moo Friends”


From other events


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