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02. NFB: The journey of an international co-production (interview with Marc Bertrand)

NFB has been doing international co-production of animated short films along with producing internationally-released Canadian animated short films. In this […]

01. NFB: Exploring its rich history and innovative spirit of animation (interview with Marc St-Pierre)

This is a special interview with Marc St-Pierre, the collection curator of the National Film Board of Canada. We heard about […]

06. “Koniunkcja”

SynopsisThe woman and the man are in a room, a gecko sits in a terrarium, several flies are circling a […]

06. “Dun­geons & Kittens”

SynopsisPrecious, Fib, Ruffles and Suds are four little kittens who live happily between the high walls of the Kingdom of […]

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