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05. “Home is Somewhere Else”

SynopsisAccessing the “American Dream” is still not possible for everyone, even less so for those from immigrant backgrounds: for undocumented […]

04. “No Dogs or Italians Allowed”

SynopsisEarly 20th century, in the Ughetto family’s home village, Ughettera, Northern Italy. Life in the region had become very difficult […]

03. “Nayola”

SynopsisAngola. Three generations of women in a 25-year-long civil war: Lelena (the grandmother), Nayola (the daughter) and Yara (the granddaughter). […]

02. “The Island”

SynopsisThis is a musical fable about the Robinson Crusoe legend. Here, Robinson is a doctor and unlike the real Crusoe […]

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