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02. “Pachamama”: Interview with the director Juan Antin

Pachamama Director: Juan Antin Artistic director: Aurélie Raphaël Scriptwriters: Juan Antin, Patricia Valeix, Olivier de Bannes, Nathalie Hertzberg Graphic creation: […]

06. VFX development of “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” with Foundry’s “Katana”, “Mari” and “Nuke”

Animationweek: Which features of “Katana”, “Mari” and “Nuke” helped you realize the images that you wanted to have? Bret St. […]

04. “The Ballad of YaYa”

The Ballad of YaYa (Status: in development) The Ballad of YaYa Director: TBC Author: Patrick Marty, Céline Ronté and Antoine […]

03. “No Dogs or Italians Allowed”

No Dogs or Italians Allowed (Status: in development) No Dogs or Italians Allowed Director: Alain Ughetto Authors: Alain Ughetto, Anne […]

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