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06. KITAQ COMIC AIR 2019: world-famous comic artists meet manga culture

In Kitakyushu City, a big city with a population of 0.9 million located south of Japan, an artist-in-residence program named […]

07. “Ewilan’s Quest”

Ewilan’s Quest (Status: in development) SynopsisAt just age 13, the life of an orphan named Camille takes a dramatic turn […]

03. “Immortal”: an interesting project from Cartoon 360

Cartoon 360 is a transmedia pitching event in Lille, France, which took place 2th-4th December 2019. During that time, 24 […]

05. “Missing Link”: special long interview with Chris Butler (writer/director)

AW: Moving onto the action and the camera work, especially during the scenes on the ship, is quite incredible. In […]

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