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04. Pokémon: 2D digital production in Japan [Part 1]

Behind the story of Pokémon : Meeting the Challenge of 2D digital production with care, passion and a meticulous attention […]

08. “Richard the Stork”

Richard the Stork (Status: in Post- Production) Animationweek had the chance to talk with screenwriter and co-director Reza Memari and […]

07. “Tito and the Birds”

Tito and the Birds (Status: in production) Synopsis Tito is a shy 10 year-old kid living a normal life, hanging […]

05. Badi Badi: a growing success

The Badi Badi team: Dominika Osak (producer) Tomek Paziewski (managing director and producer) Tomek Niedźwiedź (creative producer) Arek Paziewski (financial […]

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