00. Cartoon Forum 2019: Presenting 85 original TV animation projects

1. Presenting 85 new TV animation projects From 16th to 19th September 2019, the 30th Cartoon Forum will be held in Toulouse, France. Cartoon Forum […]

01. Cartoon Forum 2019 at a glance

The 30th Cartoon Forum was held from 16th to 19th September 2019 in Toulouse, France. More than a thousand participants got together from 39 different […]

02. “Barney the Piglet”

Barney the Piglet (Status: in development) *: You can find more information on the official website of the project Barney the Piglet is the project […]

03. “Critters TV”

Critters TV (Status: in production) Critters TV is a new and family friendly TV educational (and comedy!) series by Irish studio Turnip & Duck, which […]

04. “The Hearios”

The Hearios (Status: in development) The Hearios Director: TBC Author: Ann Bryant (ALT Animation, United Kingdom) Producer: Andrea McQuade, Lee McQuade & Tim Bryans (ALT […]

05. “We Are Family”

We Are Family (Status: in development) The French studio TeamTO, which is well known for their successful works such as Mighty Mike, Angelo Rules and […]

06. “Le Collège Noir”

Le Collège Noir (Status: in development) SynopsisLooking back on his early teenage years spent at a boarding school, the author tells the tale of the […]

07. “Ewilan’s Quest”

Ewilan’s Quest (Status: in development) SynopsisAt just age 13, the life of an orphan named Camille takes a dramatic turn when she accidentally gets cast […]

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