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The 30th Cartoon Forum was held from 16th to 19th September 2019 in Toulouse, France. More than a thousand participants got together from 39 different countries, ranging from producers, investors, broadcasters, and buyers, to SVoD/VoD platforms such as Netflix, WarnerMedia, Playkids and Hopster TV.

Cartoon Forum 2019 Statistics

1. Projects pitched

85 projects selected by CARTOON from 24 countries, which includes projects from guest countries (Canada and South Korea), were pitched.

2. Number of projects by country

France 31 Canada 4 Croatia 1
Belgium 11 Netherlands 4 Czech Republic 1
Germany 7 Luxembourg 3 Estonia 1
Denmark 6 Italy 2 Hungary 1
Ireland 6 Poland 2 Latvia 1
United Kingdom 6 South Korea 2 Macedonia 1
Finland 5 Burkina Faso 1 Togo 1
Spain 5 China 1 Ukraine 1

3. Number of projects by target audience

Children1 43 51%
Pre-school2 24 28%
Teenagers/Young Adults 11 13%
Family 7 8%

1: “Children” targets 5-12 year olds.
2: “Pre-school” targets 2-5 years olds.

4. Number of projects by format

Up to 6’ 18 21%
7’ – 10’ 22 26%
11’ – 15’ 27 32%
21’ – 26’ 16 19%
More than 26’ 2 2%

5. Number of projects by animation technique

This year, the number of 3D animation decreased compared to the previous year and 2D animation consists of almost 60% of the projects.

2D animation3 49 58%
3D animation 23 27%
Combination of 2D and 3D 8 9%
Stop-Motion and Puppets 5 6%

3: Includes a combination of techniques: 2D animation, Cut-Out, Live action and Puppets.

Trailers for pitched projects

The top 10 projects most attractive to investors

The 85 pitched projects showed a great variety of genres and visual styles, portraying the richness of European animation series. The top 10 projects, which attracted the largest number of investors, are listed below:

1. Mousse and Bichon (Vivement Lundi !)
2. Lucy Lost (Xilam Animation)
3. Ewilan’s Quest (Andarta Pictures)
4. Digital Girl (Cyber Group Studios)
5. Critters TV (Turnip & Duck)
6. Hugo & Holger (Wil Film)
7. MiniMecs (Ferly, Yellow Animation, Zephyr Animation)
8. Calamity (Maybe Movies, 2 Minutes)
9. We are Family (TeamTO)
10. Belfort and Lupin (Ellipsanime Productions)

Spotlight on Wallonia-Brussels

This year, Cartoon Forum had the spotlight on Wallonia-Brussels, a region of the Southern part of Belgium. On the strength of its seven selected projects, animation from Wallonia-Brussels appeared as a constant thread throughout Cartoon Forum, with presentations of studios from the region during Croissant Shows.

Cartoon Tributes

The Cartoon Tributes are the professional awards given to broadcasters, distributors, and producers who’ve made positive contributions to the European TV animation industry.

The Winners of 2019

Broadcaster of the Year: OUFtivi (Belgium)
Producer of the Year: Panique! (Belgium)
Distributor of the Year: Telegael (Ireland)

Coaching Programme

CARTOON encourages young talents to develop their own projects. The “Coaching Programme” is a unique training initiative to enlighten a group of students to the world of the animation industry and present challenges related to project launches. 106 Students and teachers attended the programme from training schools of Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée Region in France and from animation universities of the Wallonia-Brussels Region in Belgium.