01. “The Tower”

The Tower SynopsisBeirut, Lebanon, modern day. Wardi, an eleven-year-old Palestinian girl, lives with her whole family in the refugee camp where she was born. Her […]

02. “Pachamama”: Interview with the director Juan Antin

PachamamaDirector: Juan AntinArtistic director: Aurélie RaphaëlScriptwriters: Juan Antin, Patricia Valeix, Olivier de Bannes, Nathalie HertzbergGraphic creation: María HellemeyerMusic: Pierre HamonDelegated Production: Folivari (France), O2B films […]

03: “Penguin Highway”: Interview with Director Hiroyasu Ishida

Penguin Highway Penguin HighwayDirector: Hiroyasu IshidaScriptwriters: Makoto Ueda; Adapted from Penguin Highway by Tomihiko MorimiCharacter Designer: Yojiro AraiArtistic Director: Yusuke Takeda (Bamboo) and Takamasa Masuki […]

04. “Artella”, a new paradigm for animation production: interview with Bobby Beck

International co-production is the current big trend in the European animation industry, where we can find many interesting animation film/series projects in Europe that feature […]

05. “Missing Link”: special long interview with Chris Butler (writer/director)

SynopsisFunny and gentle Mr. Link, the very last of his species, yearns for companionship and a place where he belongs. To help find his rumored […]

06. KITAQ COMIC AIR 2019: world-famous comic artists meet manga culture

In Kitakyushu City, a big city with a population of 0.9 million located south of Japan, an artist-in-residence program named “KITAQ COMIC AIR” was run […]

07. Cartoon Springboard: a pitching event dedicated to young European talents

Cartoon Springboard is a pitching event where upcoming animation creators from all over Europe come together with their projects as a part of Cartoon Masters, […]

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