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Cartoon 360 is a transmedia pitching event in Lille, France, which took place 2th-4th December 2019. During that time, 24 projects were pitched. Animationweek presents a series of 4 short interviews of some interesting projects that grabbed our attention out of the 24 pitches presented.

Here is part 3, an interview on Thomas Merritt’s cabinet of curiosities. We’ve heard on the interesting VR animation project from the author Laurent Queyssi and the producer Aymeric Castaing.

Thomas Merritt’s cabinet of curiosities

Illustarted by Gilles Warmoes

Thomas Merritt’s cabinet of curiosities
Transmedia Projects: VR animation / Book
Author: Laurent Queyssi
Graphic Author: Gilles Warmoes
Producer: Aymeric Castaing (UMANIMATION, France)
Target audience: Family

Interview with Laurent Queyssi and Aymeric Castaing

Animationweek (AW): Could you please explain the theme and summary of the story, in brief?

Laurent Queyssi and Aymeric Castaing: The experience is a visit to a cabinet of curiosities where the player/spectator will see all kinds of wonders the space explorer Thomas Merritt has brought back from years of journeys across the galaxy. Then he/she will be sent through a black hole to the far end of the universe to retrieve Thomas Merritt, who disappeared ten years earlier. The whole experience is a deep dive into the future and into a mystery surrounding the titular character.

Illustarted by Gilles Warmoes

Illustarted by Gilles Warmoes

AW: Could you please let us know how you arrived at choosing VR as the medium to tell the story?

Laurent Queyssi and Aymeric Castaing: When confronted to a cabinet of curiosities, the first reaction is trying to touch the objects presented. While it’s not possible in the real world, VR allows the interaction with these objects, and the science-fiction setting allows it to go much further. We can experience directly what Thomas Merritt has seen in his voyages and adventures. In this case, VR is the perfect medium: it mixes a real-like museum experience with the more cinematic space adventure.

AW: How will you make the best use of VR? What kind of visual experiences and perspectives could we expect to have?

Laurent Queyssi and Aymeric Castaing: We will use VR for what it is good at: letting you live what you cannot in the real world. The Umanimation team will work on state-of-the-art visuals pushing the boundaries of real time rendering game engines. The spectator will live a unique experience halfway between living and playing the story.