01. My Life as a Courgette: interview with Claude Barras and Elie Chapuis

SynopsisRevolving around a ten-year-old boy nicknamed Courgette, who is taken to live in an orphanage following his mother’s death, the movie tells the story of […]

02. Featured Studio [Folivari]

Didier Brunner is the founder of the Folivari animation studio, and a successful producer, who cultivated and led the French animation industry for decades by […]

03. Featured Studio [STUDIO 4°C]

STUDIO 4°C is a leading Japanese animation studio that continually creates animation titles that acquires a high international reputation. Eiko Tanaka, the president and the […]

04. La Poudrière: the world renowned animation school specialized in directing animated films

La Poudrière, an animation school located in Valence, France, and created by the animation studio Folimage, is one of the most prestigious animation schools in […]

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