00. Cartoon Movie 2021: Presenting 55 Film projects

Cartoon Movie is an indispensable business event for the European animation industry, which has facilitated the creation of long-lasting partnerships and co-productions, allowing the funding […]

01. Cartoon Movie 2021 at a glance

Cartoon Movie 2021 was held from 9th to 11th March as an online version and 55 video pitches were presented to over 850 professionals from […]

02. “Séraphine”

Séraphine (Status: In Development) SynopsisParis, Montmartre, 1883. Séraphine, 12 years old, leaves a monotonous life with Jeanne, the grumpy seamstress who raised her. She is […]

03. “The Character of Rain”

The Character of Rain (Status: In Development) SynopsisAmélie, a 2-and-a-half-year-old Belgian girl born in Japan, thinks she is God. From her wide awake and acerbic […]

04. “Sorya”

Sorya (Status: In Development) SynopsisSorya, a young Cambodian woman aged 17 years old, arrives in Phnom Penh to work in a textile factory with her […]

05. “A Door to the Woods”

A Door to the Woods (Status: In Concept) Synopsis“A door to the woods” is a Polish idiom, describing something absurd, something that has no reason […]


RED JUNGLE (Status: In production) SynopsisSaturday, March 1st 2008. Commander Raul Reyes, number 2 of the FARC, died in the jungle under the ton of […]

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