00. Event report: Anime Summit – Talking Business Online

The COVID-19 pandemic has been greatly affecting the Japanese animation industry since February, with several important animation-related events being canceled, including AnimeJapan. To cover the […]

01. KING RECORDS: A Comprehensive Entertainment Company

KING RECORDS is a Japanese record company with 89 years of history, producing and delivering not only music and songs but also variety of video […]

02. Mainichi Broadcasting System: One of the Key TV Companies in the Anime Industry

Mainichi Broadcasting System (MBS) is a Japanese TV company headquartered in Osaka and has comprehensive original programs ranging from news and documentaries to drama and […]

03. DMM Pictures: A Notable New Business Player in the Anime Industry

DMM Pictures is’s*1 notable animation label producing many anime titles, mainly TV series, since 2017 and rapidly increasing their market presence in Japan. We […]

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