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The Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS) is one of the biggest animation events in the world. ITFS will be held 24th-29th April 2018 and celebrates its 25th anniversary. We would like to give you an early overview of ITFS to help you plan for the festival to make the most of it.

Wide coverage

One of the features is that ITFS covers wide varieties of animated films and appreciate all kinds of media forms. Topics of animated films can be all sorts such as art, design, visual effects, architecture, music, video game and VR.

Main programs

ITFS consists of five main programs, which are Competitions, Screenings, Tricks for Kids, GameZone, and Animation Production Day, and the partner events FMX and Spotlight.


ITFS has multitude of awards and the total prize of the all awards in ITFS 2017 reached more than 100,000 EUR. We listed planned awards for ITFS 2018 below.

International Competition: It features animated shorts and has four different awards.
– Grand Prix
– Lotte Reiniger Promotion Award for Animated Film
– SWR Audience Award
– Amazon Audience Award

Young Animation: It has two awards for students’ works.
– Young Animation Award
– The Fantastic Award

Tricks for Kids: The competition by the children’s film festival “Tricks for Kids”.
– Award for the Best Children’s Animated Short Film
– Award for the Best Children’s Animated Series

AniMovie: The competition of international animated feature films.
– AniMovie Award

Animation Production Day: The prize for innovative business models in the animation industry.
– Trickstar Business Award

Other Awards
– Germany’s Next Animation Talent
– Animated Games Award Germany
– Animated Com Award International (Award for commercial animation)
– Lapp Connected Award
– German Animation Screenplay Award
– German Voice Actor Award


About 1,000 animated films were screened at an open cinema with a large LED wall and Innenstadtkinos Stuttgart, the festival cinema with 10 big inner screens, during the ITFS 2017 and approximately 90,000 gathered to watch these films from animation professionals to family audience.

Tricks for Kids

It is a children’s film festival as a part of ITFS and it has a variety of film programs, workshops, special screenings and hands-on activities for children and family.


It is an event to show the links of games and animation. You can see the latest trends for PC, console (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc.) and VR, games convention and interactive exhibition. You can play and enjoy different kinds of games and interactive projects as well.

Photo: Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film

Animation Production Day (26th-27th April, 2018)

Animation Production Day (APD) is a big business platform including one-on-one meetings and a conference for the German and international animation industry. Each year the APD juries select around 40 animation projects and APD brings together financing, distribution and co-production partners, almost 150 people, for those projects. More than one third of all projects presented at APD got important financing elements and have been successfully produced in recent years.

FMX (24th-27th April, 2018)

FMX is a prestigious international industry conference for animation, VFX, games and mixed reality, which gathers artists, scientists, producers and experts from all over the world. The main programs of FMX are presentations and workshops on the cutting edge technologies including VR, AR, and 360° creative by world-class leading professionals and showcases of hardware and software suppliers.


It is a festival for moving image communication in the German-speaking area. It has three competitions, “spotlight PROFESSIONALS”, “spotlight STUDENTS”, and “spotlight AUDIENCE VOTING” and holds spotlight FORUM, which is a lecture and podium event for the media, communication and creative scene, and two programs for students “spotlight PERSPECTIVE” and “spotlight STUDENTS MEET JURY”.

Photo: Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film

Other programs

Symposium “Animation and Philosophy”

“Animation and Philosophy” is an academic symposium, a part of ITFS 2018 and FMX 2018, which collaborates with the Society of Animation Studies (SAS), the School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University Singapore, the Institute of Media Studies at Eberhard Karls University Tübingen, the AG Animation, and the Literaturhaus Stuttgart.

Arab Animation Forum 2018

Arab Animation Forum (presented by ITFS and Robort Bosch Stiftung) connects young animation directors and artists from the Arab World (member states of the “League of Arab States”) with upcoming producers from Germany in order to support joint animated film projects. The winning project of the Forum is automatically nominated for the Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung.