The Pôle Image Magelis logo should be a very familiar sight to European animation professionals. They played a very important role in evolving the economy in the sectors of animation, video games, publishing and audiovisual production in the Charente department of western France, with the city of Angoulême famous for good animation studios, animation education, and of course the Angoulême International Comics Festival. Their contributions are not only limited to animation in Charente, but to the whole European animation industry by supporting many international projects, and sending many talented animation creators.

Pôle Image Magelis attends Cartoon Movie 2020 as one of its official supporters lining up. We interviewed François Bonneau, President of Pôle Image Magelis, for providing insight into their activities.

Interview with François Bonneau

Animationweek (AW): Could you please let us know about Pôle Image Magelis?

François Bonneau: Pôle Image Magelis is a public organization financed and managed by the Department of Charente, the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the city of Angoulême and the district of Grand Angoulême.

Its mission is to develop the business of imagemaking in the territory by supporting the current ecosystem, attracting new companies and implementing new educational programs with partners.

AW: Could you please let us know your activities relating to French animation?

François Bonneau: With close to 30 studios, Pôle Image Magelis is the second production center of animated films and TV series in France after Paris. More than 1,000 professionals are working in Angoulême in the animation field.

The department of Charente dedicates special funds of €2,000,000 to the creation of audiovisual contents. We hold 12 colleges specialized in education for imagemaking, including 4 which are only for 2D/3D animation: EMCA, L’Atelier, Objectif3D, and Human Academy (Manga).

AW: What kind of collaborations can non-French European animation professionals, studios, projects and students expect? How can they reach you?

François Bonneau: French and non-French professionals are welcome in Charente! If a company is looking for a service provider to produce animation content or a co-producer, they will find in Angoulême a wide range of studios able to cooperate.

Pôle Image Magelis can help to connect, knowing that foreigners can ask for a 30% Tax Rebate for International Productions. In addition, Pôle Image Magelis can help producers who plan to establish offices in France. Schools are also used to welcome foreign students.

AW: What are your current leading achievements in animation?

François Bonneau: More than 20 productions are currently in production in the local studios. Most of them are TV series for Tf1, France Télévisions, M6, etc., and also for international markets.

By the way, we are waiting for the issue in theatres of Calamity, a childhood of Martha Jane Cannary, a long feature produced by Maybe Movies with the help of 2 Minutes in Angoulême. Your readers will have the opportunity to watch exclusive images during the sneak preview at Cartoon Movie 2020 in Bordeaux.

Also to follow: the pitch session “in development” of 2D/3D for Adam and the magic cloud.

AW: What is the primary aim and purpose of Pôle Image Magelis attending Cartoon Movie?

François Bonneau: Connecting with all European producers who may be interested in cooperation with studios based in Charente. Cartoon Movie is also the opportunity for us to have a look on new projects and meet new professionals. That’s the reason why we are sponsoring Cartoon Movie in Bordeaux, just a few steps from Angoulême.

AW: If there is anything else in your activities you haven’t mentioned yet, could you please let us know?

François Bonneau: The boom of animation, VFX and virtual reality in the world is a great opportunity for an ecosystem like Pôle Image Magelis. We are strongly involved in the French dynamic with financing supports, technical means and human resources. Lastly, professionals from all over the world are welcome at our main events: Immersity in October and the RAF-RADI in November, where professionals can share the right practices on innovation and education.

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