SynopsisA single matchstick, an easy-to-use object, and at the same an opportunity for creative experiences that evokes everyone’s fantasy. The main character of the whole […]

[CEE Animation Forum]

02. CEE Animation Forum 2021: Our Picks

The CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) Animation Forum is a leading pitching, financing and co-production event in the European animation industry. It aims to boost […]

03. CEE Animation Forum 2021: Winners

CEE Animation Forum is an annual pitching competition which gathers animation projects across Europe. The event is organized by CEE Animation, a platform for the […]

04. “Albert”

Albert SynopsisAlbert’s life is orderly, he is efficient and punctual in his work, he is always a worker of the month, satisfied with himself. His […]

05. “The Last Drop”

The Last Drop SynopsisThe mental state resulting from a series of conflicts in the final stages of preparation destroys everything in the competition that Kata […]

06. “Beyond the Face”

Beyond the Face SynopsisIn a world where adults have no faces and wear masks instead, a naive child spends his childhood dreaming about airplanes. During […]


07. “On-Gaku: Our Sound”

On-Gaku: Our Sound SynopsisOne summer’s day, a group of yobbish high-school kids, who’ve never touched an instrument in their lives, decide to form a band. […]

08. Hiroko Utsumi: One of the leading young animation creators in Japan

The majority of animated television series in Japan are with the format of about 30 minutes per episode, and since the past decade more than […]

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