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3. Working for animation

When you work for animation, there are fun times, but also difficult times. Brunner and Renner say that the big fun of working for animation is the result and the creative process.

Brunner says that the challenging part is that you must have patience, as animation is a long process.

“There are always issues. We are always moving slowly. We are always impatient in seeing the outcome of the works of the artists, all the time, from the beginning to completion of the script writing, the storyboarding, the creative design, and the background design. But, actually, until we see the moving image for the first time, we need to wait a long, long time.”

For Renner, the challenging part is finding the right balance emotionally.

“When you start a project, you always have big dreams and you think it will be the best thing you will ever do. But you never know if you will be able to complete that, especially because of money. It’s like aiming high, but not too high, so you are going to make a film that doesn’t match your expectations. I’ve been very lucky so far in that sense. I think we have a really good budget and wonderful work from the whole production team to make things. A big part of it is when you make a film, you make sure that everyone is feeling okay and everything. So far, we have been really lucky about that.”

The joy of working for animation

Brunner finds that each project is special, and it is very exciting for a producer to meet new talents coming up with new ideas, projects and creativity. “We’re never doing the same thing. It’s always a new process, a new relation, and a new excitement. Each day is a new day for me. This is what I like in this job, and sometimes we have a good relationship with the creator, with the author. Sometimes it’s more difficult, but it is always exciting.”