World Panorama 2022

A Goat’s Spell
Gerhard Funk (Karsten Matern Filmproduktion / Germany 2022)
A Guitar in the Bucket
Boyoung Kim (Motion-K / South Korea 2021)
Eric Ledune (Lardux Films / France, Belgium 2022)
Kristjan Holm (Karabana / Estonia 2021)
Golden Margarite
Keren Karasik (Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design / Israel 2021)
I’m Late
Sawako Kabuki (Miyu Productions; New Deer / France, Japan 2021)
Life Unfolded
Bhopal (Am stram gram / France 2021)
Ivan Stojkovic (Vorky Team; Kinematika / Serbia 2021)
Mr. Rabbit’s Doll
Arvin Medghalchi (Arucad / Cyprus, Iran 2021)
Not for Me
Ivan Bondarenko (School-studio “SHAR” / 2022)
On the Surface
Fan Sissoko (Fan Sissoko; Art With Impact / Iceland, United States, Mali 2021)

Hayato Nove (Breath Piece / Japan 2021)
Soft Tissue
Cliona Noonan (independent production / Ireland 2021)
The Dog’s Leash
Piret Nicolas (ENSAD La Cambre / Belgium 2021)
The Sausage Run
Thomas Stellmach (Thomas Stellmach Animation / Germany, Belgium 2021)
The Wind Probably
Yuri Yefanov (DИVNO / Ukraine 2021)
Two Sisters
Anna Budanova (Imaka Films / France 2021)
Why Do Butchers Close So Early?
Inez Skilling (independent production / United Kingdom 2021)
Without Us
Julie Engaas (True Fiction AS / Norway 2022)
Your Bad Animals
Ido Shapira, Amit Cohen (independent production / Israel 2021)

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