00. Cartoon Movie 2022: Presenting 57 Film Projects

Cartoon Movie, an indispensable business event for the European animation industry, has facilitated the creation of long-lasting partnerships and co-productions, allowing the funding of animated […]

01. Cartoon Movie 2022 at a Glance

Cartoon Movie 2022 was held from 8th to 10th March at the Bordeaux Congress Centre in France and 57 animated feature projects were pitched to […]

02. “Melvile”

Melvile (Status: In Development) SynopsisAfter more than twen­ty-five years of absence, Paul Rivest returns to Melvile. He knows this lit­tle town pret­ty well, hav­ing spent […]

03. “Sidi Kaba and the Gateway Home”

Sidi Kaba and the Gateway Home (Status: In Development) SynopsisWith the help of the god­dess Mami Wata, Sidi Kaba, an 8‑year-old boy, tries to find […]

04. “Tony, Shelly and the Spirit”

Tony, Shelly and the Spirit (Status: In Development) SynopsisTony has been glow­ing since the day he was born and it caus­es him a lot of […]

05. “Diplodocus”

Diplodocus (Status: In Production) SynopsisDiplodocus is a little dinosaur dreaming of a great adventure. Unfortunately, he lives in a boring prehistoric swamp. He would love […]

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