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Highlights of the festival by Animationweek

Kaboom Kids Animation Festival

As the first festival, Utrecht will gather the family audience and guide them to the fascinating world of animation with Kaboom Kids Animation from 9th to 13thNovember. There are many screening programs of kids animation, which includes “Kids Short”, the festival’s selection of short films for children*1 that is open for children and their family during the term. Additionally, Kaboom Kids Animation Festival allocates a wide variety of workshops for kids listed below by making the best use of its ample scheduled days for each program and spread-out locations.

*1: You can find the list of them here.

      • Animatie (Animation) Bus (6+): Participants make drawings and the workshop staff will add movements, which are for a short animation “Space Adventure” in the Animation bus. They can receive their animation clip directly on their mobile or watch it later on YouTube.
      • Build a World Workshop – X11: Swedish animation artist Jöns Mellgren will work with X11*2 students on their own animated universe. The idea is to build a cityscape set using various tricks (such as forced perspective) to give the illusion of a vast landscape.
      • Klanken van de Stad (Sounds of the City) Workshop (6+): Participants can create movie sound effects themselves. After a short introduction, they get to work with different materials to create live sound effects during the screening of a short animation film.
      • Lampionnen (Lanterns) Workshop (6+): A workshop to make cardboard lanterns for the Dutch tradition of Sint-Maarten. Participants also can make animation by playing with the lanterns’ light and shadow. When the workshop ends, everyone is ready for the Sint-Maarten Parade that will take place in the evening.
      • Stad van de Toekomst (City of the Future) Workshop (6+): Following a screening of Marlies van der Wel’s film Zeezucht and a presentation about this film by Marlies herself, participants create short stop-motion animation films by themselves, which will be screened in the auditorium and published online.
      • Vos & Haas (Fox & Hare) Workshop (6+): After the screening of two episodes of Fox & Hare (3+), participating children make masks based on the characters of Fox & Hare.
      • Wallace and Gromit klei (clay) workshop (6+): A hands-on clay model making workshops facilitated by an expert model maker from Aardman Studios. Participants can create clay models that they can take home.

*2: A Dutch school named “X11 media and design”. Its official website is here.

Kaboom Animation Festival

Kaboom Animation Festival has inherited the spirit of KLIK with its focus on animation for adults. Below are the categories of this year’s official selection. You can check the whole list of films here to make your time during the festival more fruitful.

      • Short Film (Shorts / Kids Shorts / Dutch Shorts / Documentary / Commissioned Shorts / Music Video / Experimental Shorts)
      • Features
      • Virtual Reality

Special Programs

We’ve listed five interesting special programs below with links to details on each program: