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AnimeJapan is one of the biggest annual animation events in the world and gathers more than 150,000 attendees, which is held at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center that occupies over 66,000m2.  It is a good place to get an overview of the current state of the Japanese animation industry and the highlights of Japanese animation annually.

AnimeJapan 2019 consists of Public Days and Business Days. During Public Days, more than 160 companies and organizations held exhibition booths and introduced their titles and sold products related to their IPs to the general public. The companies and organizations mainly consist of animation IP holders such as TV companies, publishing companies, animation studios and distributors. Many flyers and freebies were handed out at each booth as part of their promotion, as well as setting up creative installations.  Licensees also participated to showcase and sell the latest animation-related products.  Business Days provide many international business opportunities with Japanese animation by gathering all in one place the major players of the Japanese animation industry as well as information on the current Japanese animation business.

There were four big stages during the festival, and many half-hour special events of many animation titles called AJ “ROCK” Stages were held constantly throughout the festival. Attendees could enjoy events, merchandise and information of more than 40 TV series and more than 10 featured films from the four big stages and over one hundred booths this year.

For the first time, Animationweek attended the Public Days of the big festival. Here is the report article on AnimeJapan 2019. We hope that this would be useful for you to see what the festival looks like and get a feel for the atmosphere of the big venue jam-packed with animation fans.

The train station closest to the venue was packed with animation-related ads.

The exhibition hall right before the entrance.

The exhibition hall after the entrance.

Food stations offered menus in collaboration with certain animation titles, in this case “Love Live! Sunshine!!”.

Our picks – Japanese Animated feature films in 2019 –

We listed the official key visuals of some Japanese Animated Feature films, which will be or have been released this year and attracted us below (in alphabetical order).

Children of the Sea*1

CITY HUNTER THE MOVIE: Shinjuku Private Eyes*2

Her Blue Sky*3

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Movie: Arrow of the Orion*4

KONOSUBA -God’s blessing on this wonderful world! Legend of Crimson*5

MADE IN ABYSS:Dawn of a Deep Soul*6


Pokémon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution*8


Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl*10

Ride your wave*11

Saekano the Movie: Finale*12

Saga of Tanya the Evil – the Movie –*13

The Wonderland*14

Weathering With You*15

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[Texts by Aya Tanaka]