Basic Information

The Location of the school: Warsaw, Poland
The URL or address of the official website:
Course titles (duration):
– Bachelor’s Degree in Animation at the Department of New Media Arts (3 years)
– Master’s Degree at the Department of New Media Arts (2 years)
The number of students admitted to each course:
– BA: 400
– MA: 50
Where we may check out the works of students and graduates:

Interview with Professor Marcin Giżycki

1. Could you please give us an overview of the curriculum of the animation course?

Marcin Giżycki: The course is a survey of the history of animation, from the pre-cinema period to the present. It shows the richness of the discipline, the variety of techniques, and presents the leading animators who has contributed to the art of animation. The focus is on art house films and independent filmmakers rather than big studios.

2. What do you look for in prospective students? What characteristics or skills do you want your prospective students to have when they apply?

Marcin Giżycki: Vision, drawing skills, talent, and intentness.

3. Could you please let us know what is your vision of the career that prospective students can expect by learning from you?

Marcin Giżycki: I supply them with the information about what has been already done so they will not force already open doors , but can get inspiration from the masters for their future work. My course does not teach the students technical skills, though. I am leaving it to colleagues who conduct practical classes, although I do not mind being a supervisor of practical projects. Our alumni should find employment in animation studios, computer game studios, or pursuit their own artistic carriers (gallery and museum shows, art installations, film festivals, etc.).

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