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Basic Information

The Location of the school: Barcelona, Spain
The URL or address of the official website: https://www.salleurl.edu/en
Course titles (duration): Degree in Animation & VFX (4 years)
The number of students admitted to each course: 90
Where we may check out the works of students and graduates: https://www.salleurl.edu/en/education/degree-animation-vfx

Interview with Felix Balbas, Director of The Degree

1. Could you please give us an overview of the curriculum of the animation course?

Felix Balbas: It gives a good overview of the standard procedures and software used in the highest standards of the international CG Animation and VFX industry. The first year starts with the basic artistic and animation concepts, as well as procedures related to pre-production and creativity. During the second year, we move towards production skills in animation, 3D modelling, lighting, and compositing. In the third year we introduce VFX concepts with simulation, rigging, introduction to Python programming, advanced animation and compositing. The fourth year is devoted to project development where students work in teams in a studio-like manner to apply their skills in the real production of their selected ideas.

2. What do you think are your unique characteristics or strengths?

Felix Balbas: Our main focus is on the team work and the creation of content. Our students not only learn the best practices of realising digital content, but also and especially on the creation, pre-production and presentation of their own ideas.

For that we start at the very first day, dividing them in small groups and asking them to ideate, create and develop ideas for potential projects such as movies, series or even video games. To complete this, we also dedicate a few sessions to explain the processes of business and project management, as well as concepts of market and Intellectual Property.

3. What do you look for in prospective students? What characteristics or skills do you want your prospective students to have when they apply?

Felix Balbas: Artistic creativity, passion for Animation and VFX and a directorial/managerial attitude. Above all, I would say that passion and motivation are the key elements that we seek.

4. Could you please let us know what is your vision of the career that prospective students can expect by learning from you?

Felix Balbas: Our final goal is to create not simply artists, but creators. Creators develop ideas for services or procedures in the area of Digital content creation as well as ideas for content. They will focus not only in their own specialty, but will also get the complete picture of the business so that they can easily advance in their careers in different situations and positions.