The 16th edition of Animation Production Days (APD) will be held in Stuttgart, Germany from 4th to 6th May 2022 as a part of the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (ITFS) 2022 and FMX 2022. This year, the APD jury has selected 35 projects from 15 countries. They include 8 feature films, a TV special, 21 series and 5 cross-media projects.

You can find more information on APD 2022 from here.

Our Picks

We picked up 6 projects that caught our attention from the 35 selected projects.

Directors: Claire Matz and Félix Bulcourt
Scriptwriters: Claire Matz and Félix Bulcourt
Producer: Claire Matz (Yabunousagi, France)
Format: Feature 90’ /TV series 52 × 8’ and 12 × 26’ / (Card) Game
Target audience: 12+ years (feature film) / 6+ years (games & series)
Technique: Realtime 3D

Director: Klara Juzova
Scriptwriter: TBC
Producer: Martin Juza (Krutart, Czech Republic)
Format: TV series 26 × 7’
Target audience: 4–6 years
Technique: 2D digital / 3D digital

Round and Round the Wishing Well
Director: Hugo de Faucompret
Scriptwriters: Hugo de Faucompret and Lison d’Andréa
Producer: Ivan Zuber (Laïdak Films, Germany)
Format: Feature or TV series 3 × 26’
Target audience: 8–12 years
Technique: 2D digital

Sisters’ Tale
Directors: Nazlı Eda Noyan and TBC
Scriptwriters: Nazlı Eda Noyan and Seher Ülker Albayrak
Producer: Nazlı Eda Noyan (girl saw the sea prod, Turkey)
Format: Feature 85’
Target audience: young adult / adult
Technique: mixed

The Song of the Storms
Director: Caroline Attia
Scriptwriters: Caroline Attia and Claire Sichez
Producer: Ron Dyens (Sacrebleu Productions, France)
Format: TV special 26’
Target audience: 6+ years
Technique: 2D digital

Trash Monsters
Directors: TBC
Scriptwriters: Teemu Auersalo, Antti Haikala and Markus Laitinen
Producer: Antti Haikala (Anima Vitae, Finland) and Timo Suomi (Anima Vitae, Finland)
Format: Feature 85’
Target audience: 6–9 years / Family
Technique: 3D digital

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